SPORTS w/The Jock 8-11-11

by Tom Weppel
This weekend we’ll see the first round of preseason exhibition games for all 32 NFL teams. The games this year will of course be slightly different, in that the training camps and off-season preparation have been squeezed and condensed into about a week. It means we’ll be seeing some raw play by teams, with problems and mistakes being prevalent. That’ll especially be the case for rookies, whose heads will be spinning, easily.
We might also see a good amount of guys getting injured, hence teams not using their starters much this weekend. Good thing teams are being allowed to carry 90 players on their rosters.
Of course the one position everyone always has an interest in watching is the Quarterback spot. A number of teams have been…and will be…letting their QB’s get out there and show them what they got. That includes teams like Cincinnati (Andy Dalton), Carolina (rookie Cam Newton, Jimmy Clausen), Arizona (Kevin Kolb), Seattle (Tarvaris Jackson), and Denver (Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn).
Always keep in mind, when watching these preseason games, that the scores mean nothing! Its all a matter of coaches getting some play out of their team, wanting to figure out who they will keep on their final roster. That is why you never see the regulars play much…until the final game…

This week we have the final Major golf event of the 2011 season…the 93rd PGA Championship…to be played in Georgia, at the Atlanta Athletic Club. The course, designed by Rees Jones, has hosted some great competition in the past, including the 1976 U.S. Open, won by Jerry Pate, and the 2001 PGA Championship, won by David Toms.
This course has had some adjustments made to it, all in order to toughen it up. As a result, it is longer and tighter! That includes a par 3 that is 265 yards long, and a par 4 at 512 yards! It should prove to be a test, for sure.
Earlier this week, most of the focus and discussion has not been on the tournament! Rather, we’ve been hearing from Steve Williams and Tiger Woods discuss things, especially coming off the Adam Scott win last week! Its been a little crazy, certainly getting some media attention.
What that means is people will be watching Scott, Williams, and Woods during this tournament, and probably not care what anyone else does! I might sound crazy saying that, but I wouldn’t be surprised is that is how it goes, ESPECIALLY if Scott and/or Woods plays well and posts some low scores! THAT would make things that much more tastier!
Unfortunately, the last two rounds will be telecast on CBS, which has course commentator David Feherty on their staff. He does a rather lame job during most of his interviews, as if he’s trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip. Feherty is pathetic, especially with his foreign accent. I’m sure we’ll have to hear him tell us how good he thinks he is…
Otherwise, it should be a competitive event, and I’m looking forward to see how EVERYONE plays…not just Tiger and Adam Scott.

This one goes under ‘you gotta be kidding me!’…
Loey Logano, who bears a slight likeness to a young Richard Petty when he wears that stupid smile on his face, does something that actually shouldn’t even be ALLOWED on, near, or during NASCAR racing tracks and/or events!
After driving, Logano will get out of his racecar, and one of the first things he does is start drinking a 20 oz. bottle of Coca-Cola! He was most recently seen doing it after making his pole-qualifying run at Pocono.
Now, c’mon!!! There is absolutely no way in hell you can convince me that, after having a workout, expending energy, or even sweating thru a drive in a stock car, the first thing you want to do is drink a Coke! When I saw Logano do this, I almost felt like finding him and throwing up!
Of course, I’m also not a COMPLETE idiot! I know that the good folks at Coca-cola are probably paying Logano a decent chunk of cash to drink a Coke, especially if he is being interviewed by televised media at the track.
I also know, though, that Coke owns Powerade, and, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know as well as I do that a sports energy drink is ten times better for the body than a sweetened, carbonated beverage!
And seriously…do you really think racing fans are going to think to themselves, “Damn! Joey’s drinking a Coke are racing! I better go get one of those!”
If that is indeed the case, then maybe Logano should also put a stash of chewin’ tobacco in his lower lip, and eat a couple of Dunkin’ Donuts after each drive he does!!! That would REALLY get us all off!
And so, I’m here to make a public statement and request…
Please, Joey! Stop drinkin’ the Coke after racing! There are a hundred more drinks that are much better for you, I promise! I’m sure there are a few others that would be open to sponsoring you, especially in that one situation…