Downtown Views and Outdoor Spaces

With over 50 Acres of parkland and some spectacular river views, Downtown is a pretty place to walk and explore. Here’s our short list of just a few of the points you might want to visit while you’re there.
Friendship Fountain Park 1015 Museum Circle
After much revamping, Friendship Fountain is set to reopen June 18th! New picnic areas will be added, so it will no longer be as much concrete and the popular fountain will be getting a much needed overhaul, making the park more visitor friendly.
The Landing Courtyard 2 Independent Dr
Yes, it’s cliché, but there’s a reason for it. Watch the St. Johns pass you by, catch a ferry across it or just snap pictures of bridges before joining the festivities in the courtyard.
The Main Street Bridge
This blue bridge is iconic, but did you know that you can walk it? Or ride a bike on it? For natives, it’s the place to camp out during 4th of July fireworks, as the river reflects the light for a spectacular view.
Metropolitan Park 4110 Gator Bowl Dr
This park is rented out for events and is more of a venue than it is a public park. (Though there is a great view.)
Stretching from the CSX building to Riverside Avenue on the Northbank and on a smaller path across the river from the Landing on the Southbank, this walkway has benches and beauty galore. Walk your dog or take a run, whether it be for fitness or to drink in the beauty.
Treaty Oak at Jessie Ball duPont Park 1123 Prudential Dr.
The massive, aged oak tree in this park was supposedly where a treaty was signed. While that might be a yarn, the tree itself is amazing. With a trunk over 25 feet in circumference and a height of over 70 feet, this sprawling specimen is worth visiting.