are you river friendly?

by Kelly Savage
While we all have an impact on the health of the St. Johns River, we can make a difference and help by making wise choices.
Water conservation seems like such an overused term, but if each of us cuts back on our water usage, even by a few gallons, we can avoid the need to withdraw water from our river! I know you are thinking of the time you left the water running while you changed your radio station, or forgot to turn off the sprinklers when it rained. Not only will these small steps help the river, they will save you money! Since over 50% of water use is typically outside your home, this is a great place to start. Reduce your overall water usage by watering your lawn and plants more efficiently and by installing a rain barrel. Be on the lookout for St. Johns Riverkeeper rain barrels on display throughout Jacksonville! Want to buy a rain barrel or make your own? Go to our website,, for a list of businesses that sell rain barrels, to watch a video about how to make one, and to learn more about how to be “river friendly.”
Sick of seeing the green monster every summer? Think about what (fertilizer, pesticides, automobile fluids, etc.) you put on your yard or falls onto your driveway. Use less, apply carefully, fix leaks and reduce the amount of fertilizers and harmful chemicals headed down the storm drain and into the river. Learn more tips on the Riverkeeper website.

March is River Month, so celebrate the river with St. Johns Riverkeeper!

Raise a Glass to the River To celebrate the river, we are partnering with European Street Café and Bold City Brewery this month, and Intuition Ale Works in April, so we can all raise a glass to a clean river! So grab your drink of choice and donate to help St. Johns Riverkeeper fight the good fight.

March 2, 6:30 pm- 9:30 pm St. Johns Riverkeeper Social at Bold City Brewery Bold City Brewery is opening the tap room just for our fans to enjoy some their locally-brewed beer. $1 per beer will be donated to St. Johns Riverkeeper. See you there!

March 9th, 6:30 pm- 8 pm Create a River Friendly Yard Workshop Always wanted to know what you could do in your very own yard that can help the St. Johns River? Attend this free workshop on creating a river-friendly yard and leave with river-friendly resources. Also, the first 30 attendees will receive a free native plant! Willowbranch Library (Riverside). Info: call 256-7613 or email [email protected]

March 12th, 10 am- 4 pm River Day at RAM Celebrate the St. Johns River with at the Riverside Arts Market. There will be boat trips from the new dock, educational activities, rain barrel art competition, river performances from Cathedral Arts Project, river-related vendors and more! Info:

March 19th, 10 am River Celebration Day Clean-Up Roll up your sleeves, grab a hat, and head to one of the many locations along the St. Johns River and tributaries to help with the clean-up! An after-party with lunch will take place at the Riverside Arts Market. Info: A list of clean-up locations can be found on, search for clean ups.