King Creosote THRAWN album review

by Jack Diablo
artist: king creosote
album: thrawn
label: domino records
release date: february 22, 2011

Over the past fifteen years, Kenny Anderson has put out 40 mostly self-released and recorded albums through his Fife, Scotland label, Fence Records. As proprietor of the self-described “micro-indie record label,” Anderson has released albums from over a dozen Scottish artists, including his own project King Creosote.
Anderson falls rather neatly into the singer-songwriter category, singing melodically as he strums his guitar, accompanied by anything from moog, drums and baritone sax to cello, trombone and triangle. Although King Creosote songs have been heard on the BBC and the library of albums are no doubt collected and sought-after in native Scotland, his material has only recently found stateside distribution through Domino Records and 679, a branch of Warner. Domino has just released the latest batch of re-recorded masterpieces in a collection entitled Thrawn.
It’s clear from these recordings why multiple labels have found the need to bring King Creosote across the pond, especially when considering that these tracks date back as many as eight years. Many of these KC classics pre-date Bon Iver but perhaps suggest a Will Oldham discipleship. Point being, fans of either will appreciate the ground King Cresote covers whether it eclipses them or not. Frankly, it doesn’t, but you really do need something to fill the gap between For Emma, Forever Ago and I See a Darkness and Thrawn is just as good as anything you’re likely to find.
Only time will tell if KC takes off in the US but we shall all learn soon enough as Anderson makes his first transatlantic voyage to pass through the gauntlet of independent music that has come to be known as SXSW this month in Austin, TX. –