Mega Con – March 25-27, Orlando, Fl

The southeast’s largest annual comic book, science fiction/fantasy, anime, gaming, toys multi-media event is coming on March 25- 27 to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.
Comic creator Stan Lee and William Shatner headline this year’s convention, where attendees will find over 156,000 square feet of exhibit space with merchandise including comic books, toys, anime merchandise, clothing, gaming supplies, swords and much more. Collectors and fans of all ages and genres can also convene to discuss and buy various merch of their favorite TV shows, movies and entertainment including, but not limited to, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Events include the Indy Film Festival, battling robots, annual cosplay/costume contest, all genre costume contest, rpg gaming, panel and celebrity appearances.
One of the genre’s current top-talent contenders, Jimmy Palmiotti, will be at MegaCon 2011. Palmiotti started at Marvel Comics in 1991, inking titles such as the Punisher, Ghost Rider, The Nam and the Marvel 2099 line. He’s accumulated extensive inking, editing and writing credits and has often inked the work of his friend and collaborator Joe Quesada. In 1994, he and Quesada formed a publishing company, Event Comics, and co-created Ash, a firefighter with superpowers; Painkiller Jane, a female cop with healing powers; Kid Death and Fluffy, about a boy and his pet robot dog; and 22 Brides, about a group of girls that run the New York underworld. In 1998, Event Comics was contracted to do several books for Marvel Comics, dubbed Marvel Knights.
In a recent telephone interview, Palmiotti expounded on the current trends in the creation and business end of comic and character creation:

EU: How do you see the future project development of comics and super-hero characters within the evolution of multi-layered entertainment products and the pitfalls to avoid? And will mainstreaming this art form to the general public impact or enhance the way you develop your projects?

JP: When writing comics and graphic novels, the format dictates that the story has to work as a comic book first…which means it has to be contained in a certain number of pages, have clear and easy to follow graphics and storytelling and because of format, has to work within a page design. Over the years, the comic industry has been mined by Hollywood because it takes storytelling further by supplying visuals and because of that we have had some great comics become multi layered entertainment generators as well as some terrible ones. The simple fact is that comics offer a wide range of genre material and because of their loyal followings and fans; this material has always been ripe for other entertainment producers to pick through. These books and characters come with a very vocal built loyal fan base that will instantly support a “version” of their beloved comic if done right…unfortunately, that is always a hit or miss thing these days since the studios still haven’t learned to take the core concept and keep what works…or worse yet, have the creators fully involved in the production. I have faith that this part of it is slowly changing.
  As far as conceiving and formatting comics so they can be directly pushed into other entertainment venues, there are a couple of companies doing this right like Kickstart comics and Radical comics…These companies are the cream of the crop because of the quality of their work and the faith they have in their comic based talent. As far as how I develop my own books, my output for the last few years: Back to Brooklyn, Random Acts of Violence, Time Bomb, ect…well, for me these books have to work as comics first…[my] focus is producing graphic novels aimed at adults, not so much children. Stories with more of a cutting edge and especially stories that have a more visual feel to them beyond the simple superhero comics represented and aimed at a younger audience. 
EU: You’ve got unique set of credentials, and as business-minded artist I feel you offer a clear perspective of a complex industry to our readers. The mega-corp leadership offers a vast array of exciting possibilities with 3D technology, gaming, movies, books, etc., but inherently brings a different set of challenges. What doors would you unlock, if you had the keys to the kingdom?

JP: Honestly, the doors I would like to unlock are doors that need a bit more money to buy the keys to…The perfect world would find me an investor that believed in my work with deep pockets that would like to own a percentage of the projects. The work I do is made to be adapted to different mediums. A lot of that is already happening as we speak, slowly, but happening with the downloadable content, the amount of film and TV projects that are coming and so on…so it’s a good time, but as always, time and money are the things that immobilize most creative types.

So, strap on your Spock ears and charge up your phasers. MegaCon 2011 promises to be an entertainment event of outer-stellar proportions. Set your coordinates for the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Touchdown: 03.25.2011– Departure: 03.26.2011.


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