Beastly Movie Review

by Rick Grant
The old adage that only beautiful people are successful in a world that rewards exceptional looks is shattered in this spin off of “Beauty and the Beast.” Adapted from a novel by Alex Finn by writer/director Daniel Barnz, the script is weak and cliche.
Kyle is blessed with model-caliber good looks, which he flaunts around his high school. His father, Rob (Peter Krause) has perpetuated the myth that he and his son are special because they fit the stereotype of irresistibly handsome men.
When Kyle runs a foul of a teenage witch, Kendra (Mary Kate Olsen) she casts a spell on him that turns him into a hideously scarred monster. The only way to break the curse is for a young woman to fall in love with him as the beast. La de da.
Neil Patrick Harris steals his scenes as a blind tutor Kyle’s father hired. But, Kyle doesn’t want to learn, he’s more interested in breaking the curse. Harris is the welcome comedy relief.
The question is: Does Beasty Boy have a chance in hell of getting a girl to first like him, then fall in love with him? It seems hopeless but Kyle keeps trying.
And, the world churns and Kyle learns his lesson. What’s a rich boy to do? Build a glassed in rose garden on the roof? Wowie-zowie, that’ll impresses her. As long as teenage girls have fantasies about beastly boys, these scenarios will be made and remade. This genre fulfils a niche in the market. But, in reality, the girls always go for the pretty boy de jour. Almost never does the fantasy spill over into reality.