Just Go With It Movie Review

by Rick Grant
Since millions of people think Adam Sandler is a funny guy and makes hilarious, clever movies, perhaps I’m just a grumpy old man, because I don’t get it. Nonetheless, Sandler’s movies make big money. Thus he’s a major player in Hollywood. He can easily put a movie deal together starring A-list actors. So, Sandler wisely hired Jennifer Aniston to co-star with him in this remake of a French farce. Aniston single-handedly upgrades the picture.
The story implies that Sandler’s character Danny and his assistant, Katherine (Aniston) in his plastic surgeon practice are very familiar with each other’s secrets. And, the old adage that familiarity breeds contempt or love may be their ticket to ride. She has two creepy kids and plenty of baggage to turn off any guy.
Meanwhile, Danny has been using a con to get women by wearing a fake wedding ring. He tells female prospects a sob story about his ex-wife’s cruelty. Sure, it’s dumb, and in reality I doubt it would work, but in the context of the script, women are suckers for Danny’s lies.
When Danny meets a striking young beauty at a party Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) he feeds her his lame story about his ex-wife. The only problem with her is, he is smitten and he has to produce an ex-wife. So, he turns to his assistant, Katherine, to play his ex while he romances Palmer.
The lies stack up like a house of cards, and soon Katherine and Danny need index cards to keep their web of untruths straight. To get Katherine’s kids to cooperate, Danny promises them a trip to Hawaii, on which he is forced to make good.
The comedy is built around Danny and Katherine’s inability to keep their stories straight, and the misunderstandings and misdirections that ensue. Sandler makes sure that there are plenty of skin shots of Brooklyn Decker in her itsy-bitsy bikini. And, for good measure, viewers are treated to Aniston in a bikini.
Admittedly, there are intermittent funny gags and situations. Clearly, the audience at the screener I attended liked the film. They applauded at the end.
But it’s Aniston who is a sight to behold. Her repertoire of facial expressions and emoted moods are endless. Oddly, Nicole Kidman is window dressing in this film except for the hip dueling hula contest with Aniston.
For me, watching Jennifer Aniston work her magic was worth seeing the film. For the many millions of Adam Sandler fans this is another must see. In this case, everybody wins.