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by Brenton Crozier
It’s a new year, so that probably makes you feel like it’s time to make a number of changes in your life. I implore you to start with your web browsing habits. Want to read about and discover great music in a refreshing way? Of course you do! I started Synconation ( with SBS designer Ian Latchmansingh because of that feeling. You know the one. That feeling you get when you’re listening to a particular song that takes you somewhere, that transcends whatever is going on around you and demands that you come along. Our music blog is devoted to one thing- sharing that fervor in terms that forgo the critic-ease that is so prevalent in online music sources today.
In the spirit of syncopation, a rhythm that emphasizes a beat not normally emphasized, Synconation offers album reviews, interviews, articles and opinions in unique and even unexpected ways. Essentially, we are music geeks that love to listen, talk about, write about and in a lot of cases, make music.
Music probably pervades more elements of culture than any other medium. It has the power to conjure up memories, change your mood, get an entire room of people moving and can provide the ultimate muse. That’s the passionate part. There is also a liberatingly fun part to music. Synconation is a music blog about the convergence of the two.
A talented team of ten writers craft pieces ranging from album and concert reviews to Top 5 Lists and interviews. It may sound commonplace, but I can assure you that it is anything but. Yes, we write album reviews about new releases, but the Synconation writers will also review a fifteen-year old album that they feel passionate about and feel that you need to know about. Our Top 5 Lists cover a wide range of topics including The Top 5 Fist Pumping Songs, The Top 5 Dirty Little Secret Songs and The Top 5 Missteps by Icons… and there are many more to come.
Synconation also features a new song of the day every day. It provides a short explanation of the artist and the song and a player to listen to the song. We’ve also been fortunate to interview some great artists and industry figures like Hammock, Onra and James Tritten of Fort Lowell Records and have set up quite a few more to come in the New Year.
Whether you enjoy expressive and often eloquent writing about all facets and genres of music or you’re looking for a new source of music discovery, Synconation is just the thing. You can also find us on Facebook at and Twitter at Be sure to follow along as we provide continued updates about new content and a number of contests that provide the chance to win concert tickets, albums and much more. All of Synconation’s writers are either from or have lived in Jacksonville. So help make this Jacksonville product the next big thing in the musical blogosphere!