The lounge at matthew's

by Erin Thursby
When most people think of Matthew’s, they think only of fine dining. But Matthew’s has a sweet lounge and bar that you might want to add to your bar-hopping schedule.
Even if you do know about the lounge, because Matthew’s restaurant has a reputation for fine dining, you might think that the bar would be too expensive. But their drink specials are reasonable. Their happy hour is daily from 5- 7 pm and they offer $5 house wines, half off on select bottles of wine and $5 Russian standard martinis. Their cocktails are as finely crafted as their food is in the main dining room. And, if you’re thinking of having a bite, it won’t cost you a fortune. Try one of their small plates for only $6, such as their Kobe burger or their bufflao shrimp with blue cheese aioli. The space itself feels classy and classically contemporary. A white bar, chandeliers, plush seating, reflective surfaces and warm lighting gives the lounge a stylish vibe. Thursday nights you’ll be treated to the vocals of Monica de Silva, with a mix of pop hooks, Latin beats, jazz and folk.