Tron: Legacy movie review

by Rick Grant
In this story, The Grid, or the program matrix of a video arcade game called Tron is another universe populated by intricate computer programs. It’s creator, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) was miraculously transported into this world through a portal 20 years ago.
The updated story imagines the possibility that humans could be very advanced biological programs controlled by alien beings. However, this thinking is only speculative and gives the movie more depth for those who ponder these possibilities.
As the years or ‘cycles” passed in the Grid universe, Flynn created many more advanced programs and lives as the God of this world with his female companion and warrior, Quorra (Olivia Wilde). His younger self, Chu wants to take over the world and is Flynn’s nemesis.
Flynn’ son, Sam Flynn, now 26 years old, is the founder and owner of a multibillion dollar game company. He almost never partakes in the day-to-day operation of the corporation. He delegates that responsibility to Alen Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) and he is Tron in the game.
At Bradley’s encouragement, Sam visits his father’s old arcade and discovers his laboratory in the basement. There he accidently actuates the portal and is sucked into the Grid universe’s strange landscape and even stranger programed beings.
Now the film goes 3D and infinitely imaginative–a far cry from the original “Tron” that was severely limited by 1982’s graphics technology. This “Tron” is a drug free trip into another world which Kevin Flynn created and, over the years, perfected. Coming from the physical universe, Sam is called a “user” which gives him special powers.
In this buzzing universe of Flynn Sr.’s creation, Sam encounters the amazing modes of transportation. Super motorcycles can be called up just by leaping into space and the other machines of Flynn’s imagination flourish. The games and the races are thrilling.
Viewers are treated to the spectacular world of Flynn’s Grid, as the music throbs and the bass vibrates the seats. It’s a visceral and exciting cinematic experience perfectly tuned by Disney’s technical experts.
We know that virtual worlds are possible as in “The Matrix.” So, for Sam to travel inside the Grid is not outside the realm of reality. Joseph Kosinski’s direction is fast paced as he artfully balanced the CGI with the real actors against blue screen. This continues the bold new style of direction, pioneered by James Cameron.
Once inside the Grid universe, all the rules of the physical universe do not apply. Thus, jumping into the Grid universe could be a metaphor for the afterlife, if one wanted to go there. However, it’s just a very exciting motion picture with mind blowing graphics and scenes of another kind of universe.