by Liza Mitchell
What began as a three-month adventure into the European music scene is now a way of life for the globe-trotting duo known as Lady Daisey and Batsauce. Funk’s royal couple are back on their home turf and eager to share their unique brand of soulful sunshine.
The Smile Rays featuring Paten Locke, Lady Daisey and Batsauce will perform tonight at Lomax Lodge. Lady Daisey will also appear December 29 with Apt. 407 at Freebird Live in Jacksonville Beach.
Lady Daisey and her producer-husband Batsauce are winding down a whirl-wind North American tour in support of her first solo project “In My Pocket.” The couple, who have relocated to Berlin, have climbed the ranks and earned an international name for themselves on both the club and festival circuits.
Across the globe, “In My Pocket” has received rave reviews and write-ups on blogs allover Europe, Asia, North and South America, Lady Daisey said in a recent interview.
“The album was even listed as a Top 10 ‘must buy for Christmas’ in Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s being played on radio stations and podcasts around the world and the feedback has been lovely,” she said. “Our friends and fans have been waiting for this to happen for a long time.”
A new album is also underway and a steady stream of videos, promotions and collaborations are in the works. The duo is also planning another US tour in early Spring before they return home to their busy European tour schedule in April.
“We’ve both developed our individual musical identities,” Lady Daisey said. “He does a lot of production for other artists, and I’ve been featured on several projects in Europe and the U.S., so it’s important for us to push our own identities so we can continue to branch out. The creative process never ends.”
Lady Daisey said she fell in the love with the diversity of the European music scene after a three-week European tour with the Smile Rays in 2008. That tour sparked a curiosity about the scene that eventually led them to move to Berlin despite missing friends, family, their “fat Beagle” and Mexican food.
“Bat and I were feeling adventurous and decided to throw everything in storage and stay for three months, work the scene, see the world. We both fell in love with Europe and never got on the plane to come home,” she said.
“Everyone brings their own unique culture and flavor to the stage and we all learn from each other. And as a female artist, it’s refreshing to be surrounded by so many sisters. The B-girl scene is huge over there.”
While “In My Pocket” is a departure from the music the couple created as the band Heavenly Noise, Lady Daisey said the project is still very much a mutual effort.
“Even though it’s got my name all over it, it’s still very much a collaboration with Batsauce. He produces all the music, co-writes lyrics, etc. Music is such a personal thing. It’s a blessing being able to share the experience with him. Plus, I couldn’t imagine touring the world with anyone else,” she said. “As for being a solo artist, I do like the fact that my name is getting out there, as opposed to our old band name. It’s more direct and less confusing that way.”
To Lady Daisey, Heavenly Noise was a stepping stone, part of the path that helped the pair find their sound and get in the groove of performing original music. Today, she is living the dream and eager to greet the next adventure with Batsauce by her side.
“I always knew I’d do something musical, but I never thought about where it would take me. I believe, if you truly follow your dreams and passions, it will pave the perfect path for you,” Lady Daisey said.
“Music introduced me to my amazing husband, my friends, it’s taken me to places I never imagined and it provides an outlet for me to express myself in a way that makes people smile. I couldn’t ask for more.”