View From The Couch

by kellie abrahamson
tv talk
Late night TV just hasn’t been the same since Conan O’Brian was unceremoniously booted off of The Tonight Show back in January. Thankfully, our Coco returns to airwaves this month with his new show on TBS. Dubbed simply Conan, the talk show will air weeknights at 11 pm beginning November 8th.
A lot of speculation has surrounded just what we can expect to see when we tune in to watch Conan’s cable debut. This is, after all, the first time he’s developed his own talk show without the pressure of having to fill someone else’s shoes. We got a glimpse of how silly the staff can be during last month’s “Live Coco Cam.” A webcam was set up in the stairwell of Conan headquarters and for 24 straight hours fans were treated to bizarre antics like a dancing taco, bears doing aerobics, a zombie attack and even a heist by none other than TBS’s George Lopez. While much of this will never make it to air on the series, it does show that Team Conan hasn’t lost its touch when it comes to the absurd comedy O’Brian is famous for. And while we’re on the subject, there is a chance that we may once again see some of the beloved characters originally developed during Conan’s Late Night run, despite initial reports to the contrary. It seems NBC has relaxed its grip on the intellectual property that came out of O’Brian’s time with the network, meaning we may just see Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the Masturbating Bear again after all. As for guests, the first week will be a star-studded affair. Seth Rogan, Tom Hanks, John Hamm and Michael Cera will all grace Conan’s couch and Jack White and Soundgarden will take to his stage as musical guests.
What’s certain is that Conan and his team have spent that past seven months preparing for November 8th. They have, no doubt, crafted a show filled with the absurd humor O’Brian is known for and have booked some big names to help kick off what will hopefully be a long, successful run on cable television. Good luck, Coco! We’re rooting for you.
what’s hot in november
Those dimples! That physique! It’s about time someone gave Mario Lopez a reality show. The hottie that has had girls swooning since his Saved By the Bell days is giving VH1 viewers a look into his personal life with Mario Lopez: Saved By the Baby, a new series that shows off his sensitive side as he embarks on fatherhood. Check it out on November 1st. • A modern-day Brady Bunch gets the reality show treatment with the new WE series Downsized. The twist? The blended family is flat broke, facing foreclosure and struggling to keep food on the table. Cheery, no? Tune in to watch this real life family’s daily drama beginning November 6th. • Viva, Coco! At last, our favorite late night talk show host is back on the airwaves. Check out Conan O’Brian’s new show Conan (TBS) on the 8th. • Two of USA’s best original series’ are coming back for their fall premieres this month. On the 10th TV’s original fake psychic Shawn Spencer returns with new episodes of Psych. Then on the 11th we’ll be treated to more of Michael Weston’s spy games when Burn Notice returns. • Apparently people dig watching B-list celebrities make idiots of themselves on the dance floor so it was only a matter of time before some brilliant television exec came up with this gem: Skating with the Stars. That’s right, B-list celebrities on ice skates. Thanks for filling that void, ABC. Tune in (or not) to this train wreck on November 22nd.
Two HBO comedies will end their 2nd seasons this month. Eastbound & Down wraps up on November 7th and we’ll say goodbye (for now) to Bored to Death on November 14th. • One of the first shows of the 2010-11 season to get cancelled, NBC’s Outlaw will have its series finale on the 13th. Honestly, there are so many courtroom dramas on TV right now no one will even notice this one is gone. • Over on Showtime both Weeds and The Big C sign off for the season on November 15th. • Finally, our favorite biker drama Sons of Anarchy (FX) wraps up its 3rd season on November 30th. Time flies when you’re watching leather-clad tough guys kick the crap out of each other. ‘Til next year, boys!
Three music award shows will be happening this month. Check out The 44th Annual CMA Awards (ABC) on November 10th, the 2010 American Music Awards (ABC) on November 21st and the Soul Train Awards (BET) on November 28th. • The cable networks are getting into the holiday spirit as they unveil their new TV movies this month. See The Night Before the Night Before Christmas (November 20), The Town Christmas Forgot (November 24) and Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle 2 (November 27) on the Hallmark Channel and tune into ABC Family for The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation (November 28) to get your Christmas cheer on. • Christmas also comes early on network TV with a multitude of holiday specials hitting airwaves beginning November 24th. Get holly jolly with The Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special (NBC, November 24), TV’s Greatest Holiday Moments (Fox, November 26), November Christmas (CBS original telefilm, November 28), CMA Country Christmas (ABC, November 28) and Christmas in Rockefeller Center (NBC, November 30).