Fall 2010's Top Trends

by Emily Moody
Although the weather would likely argue differently, fall is right around the corner. The predicament of residing in Florida is that though the weather doesn’t change, stores stock fall gear. Scour the racks for transitional pieces in fall colors that will work as layering pieces when it cools down. Look out for cool pieces to update your wardrobe, like a cropped vest or a great vintage jacket. Shades of purple are still the rage, as well as deep berry colors. Mix and match prints for an eclectic look!
Denim never dies.
Jeans are always a wardrobe staple, but designers reinvent styles each season. This fall’s denim trends include pencil legs to wear under tunic tops or mini dresses, overdyed denim (like the grey pair used in the shoot), and fresh clean styles, without embellishments and stitching all over the jeans. And don’t forget, premium denim isn’t just an investment for your wardrobe, but the majority of high-end denim companies actually produce their pants on United States soil, so buying these brands keeps money in our economy!
Menswear isn’t just for men.
In our shoot, the denim “dress” shown on the model was merely an oversized men’s denim shirt cinched with a belt. Scared that may be too short for your style? Try it with leggings underneath. Or try any of the other menswear trends, including vests, blazers and tailored tops.
Vests are everywhere for fall. Cropped, denim, twill, leather or faux fur, there is surely one out there to suit your fancy. Pair your vest over a dress, t-shirt or button up and add instant style to your look.
It’s a plaid, plaid world!
It seems like each season has a stand-out print and this fall it’s PLAID! Some may be cringing at the thought of bringing this boxy print into his or her closet, but this season plaid is no longer reserved for just lumberjacks!
Bed head hair
For those of you that can not seem to roll out of bed fast enough in the mornings, this trend is for you! Big hair is in, and then messier the better. The awesome stylists at Hawthorn salon crimped, teased and braided our model’s hair. The more texture the better!