Album: Silver – Eternal Summers

Summer is just about over, and while we Floridians will no doubt appreciate the reprieve from the crucial heat, I’m sure I will not be alone in missing the sounds of the season. Luckily, even in name, Eternal Summers has made a permanent record (pun intended) of what I will forever consider the summer of girl-surf. This band is riding the wave (a most appropriate metaphor indeed) of female-fronted surfy garage bands that has seemed to crest over the past few months. Like their contemporaries, they sing simple, sometimes jangly, sometimes hazy songs about love, youth and soaking up the sun. Fans of Vivian Girls and just about anything on the Mexican Summer label will find something to enjoy on Silver. The girl/boy duo share more similarities with Best Coast than any other in the genre, but they are far from a carbon-copy. Nicole Yun’s vocals are even lazier and a little heavier on the reverb than Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino, more dreamy and less cutesy. The differences are no doubt a result of location. While Best Coast basks in the California sun, Eternal Summers hail from the mountainous landscape of Roanoke, Virginia, a place that seems more conducive to folk or bluegrass. But it seems the sun shines everywhere, and perhaps the need to keep summer alive is more necessary there. Silver is their first full-length after several vinyl releases and promises to keep that summer vibe going strong well into the Fall.