Balthrop, Alabama

The population of Balthrop, Alabama is 11 and it’s situated roughly 14 hours away from any other Alabama town. Confused? Don’t be. Balthrop is actually a band out of Brooklyn formed by a pair of Alabama-born songwriter-siblings. The small town band will be performing at the 5 Points Theatre on September 18th.
Balthrop has been compared to the Decemberists, Belle & Sebastian and Neutral Milk Hotel thanks to their folky, indie rock sound and theatrical live shows. In addition to audience participation, the band also incorporates art into their concerts thanks to Michael Arthur, a visual artist who illustrates each song live with the drawings projected on the wall behind the band. The result is an unforgettable show you do not want to miss.
Tickets for Balthrop, Alabama are $15. For more information on the band visit their website, To check out what else the 5 Points Theatre has going on this month, head over to or call 359-0047.