Football Sunday Financial Planning

While there are many different cost scenarios when talking about a day at the stadium, we’ll take the cheapest approach possible and just for fun, name it “A Frugal Day of Football Fun.”
You can acquire tickets for $50 a piece and that’s including fees. Be sure to check for deals on TicketExchange and if you are willing to go through unofficial channels, you can take your chances with a Craigslist deal.
Tickets for Two = $100
JTA has set up convenient shuttle service from several locations across the city and it only costs up to $12 per person to ride. It’s a convenient and cheap option, but can be limiting. If possible, carpool with some buddies. The average space near the stadium costs $30, but you can split it and it gives you space to bring drinks and food. Be savvy and get a space that includes use of restroom facilities.
Parking = $30
While there are numerous options inside EverBank, it’s costly. Bring food and drinks and eat up and drink up before the game. Did you listen to my advice and carpool? Then split food and drink costs too! The cost below will assume that you listened to my sagacious advice and only needed to hydrate with some water while rooting the Jags to victory.
Food and Drinks Before the Game and Water Inside for Two = $50
And your grand total for two people to enjoy an amazing day of NFL goodness, $180. And that’s not too shabby.