The Jax Music Video Revival is Now

by Jack Diablo
The Jacksonville Music Video Revival begins this month with the inaugural presentation at the 5 Points Theatre during First Fridays on August 6th. Since the last update there have been several new and exciting developments. For starters, Stay Tuned Studios has signed on to be the lead sponsor of the event. Stay Tuned Studios offers fully-equipped and affordable rehearsal and recording space for bands, making them a perfect fit for an event that is focused on promoting local talent. We are thrilled to have them on board!
Videos and feedback are rolling in every day. As mentioned last month, due to the volume of submissions, we will be doing this event on a regular basis over the next year. That means it’s not too late to make and submit videos. While they won’t air during the first event, there is still a chance they will be chosen to play at one of the future showings. There are now two drop off locations for your convenience. Stay Tuned Studios located at 5570 Florida Mining Boulevard South near the Avenues and The Letter Shop Downtown at 228 E Forsyth will both be accepting videos. Please do NOT submit watchable DVDs but the original high resolution QuickTime files.
Putting this event together has been a learning experience but also a lot of fun. Every video that comes in gets me excited about the talented groups and individuals that call Jacksonville home. I am eager to see what comes out of future collaborations now that the music video movement is gaining momentum.
If your band doesn’t have a music video but would like to make one, send me an email with your band’s contact information and a description of the kind of video you’d like to make. I’ll post your info on my blog,, for potential filmmakers to contact you. Filmmakers, if you are interested in helping out a local band, you can find them on the site.
Finally, after the curtains close, we will be hosting an afterparty across the street at Underbelly featuring live music from Wild Life Society and an Infintesmal Records showcase. Don’t miss out on all the fun and be sure to attend the Jacksonville Music Video Revival.