Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Movie Review

by Rick Grant
This is a dog-gone entertaining movie. A feast of talking cats and dogs off on a special mission with some dogs and the cats of MEOW to foil Kitty Galore’s crazed plot to destroy humanity. It’s the age old battle between cats and dogs, with a twist. In this caper, the cats of MEOW work with the canine special agents.
Directed by Bard Peyton with Chris O’Donnell starring as Diggs’ and James Marsden as his police handler. And during their mission they drag along a wise-cracking pigeon named Seamus voiced by Katt Williams. When poor Diggs screws up a bust that ends up blowing up a building, he is relieved of duty and sent back to the kennel. His handler is crushed and vows to bust him out.
Meanwhile a secret dog spy agency recruits Diggs and rescues him from the slammer where he partners up with Butch (Nick Nolte) a grumpy veteran K9 agent. But one thing is in Diggs’ favor, he hates cats. So his motivation is strong to kick Kitty Galore’s tail.
Ah yes, in a twist of fate, Diggs is forced to work with cats from MEOW to bring down Kitty Galore, whose diabolical plan is coming close to fruition. Diggs swallows his pride to team up with kitty Catherine (Christina Applegate) who, after spending time with Diggs, actually forms a bond with him. Ye gad, it’s a cat/dog alliance based on the old adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Kitty Galore (Bette Midler) is a hairless cat with a freaky laugh. She lost her hair by being thrown into a vat of hair remover.
Yes, there is plenty of dramatic elements with the CGI effects and the mouth morphing software working splendidly. The motley crew of cats and dogs are artfully manipulated so that the audience fully accepts that the talking animals are real.
There was a 2001 film titled “Cats & Dogs” which set the stage for this sequel. But it doesn’t matter if the viewer didn’t see the original, this film has enough original elements to stand on its own.
The combination of real actors and voice overs with the talking animals works great to create the dramatic scenes of daring do. Bette Midler’s voice-over of Kitty Galore is wickedly dark as she plots to send out a sound that will make all dogs go crazy.
Even though this film is touted as a kids movie, parents will love it. It’s got the whole package of a well written script and playing on moviegoers’ love of cats and dogs, and a great villain. It’s perfect summer fun.