Music Spotlight: Wild Life Society

by Jack Diablo
EU recently chatted with this month’s Spotlight band, Wild Life Society, about who they are, what inspires them and what’s next.
EU: First up, who is Wild Life Society?
Wild Life Society: Wild Life Society has actually turned out to be some what of a collaborative effort of quite a few people. Ultimately the foundation of WLS is Alex E (guitar, vox) and John Paul von Schlichten (drums) along with Dick Denmark-Patz (bass), Chris Brock (percussion), and Myzstroh (keyboards, vox).
EU: Whose idea was it to start the band and how did you all come together?
WLS: The idea to start the band was actually of John Paul’s request after previously participating in some random impromptu in the old Our Name is Legion practice space with Alex E. Our current line up evolved after much sorting and constant changes throughout the first year. In the end, the dismissal of our first bass player and resignation of our keyboard player ultimately led to our final line up and current sound. Dick Denmark-Patz and Myztroh are both very dear friends of Alex E.
EU: What other bands have the members of WLS been in?
WLS: John Paul von Schlichten was in Our Name is Legion, Alex E was a member of Fruit Machine, Shitagoddamn, What Walt Meant, The Infamous Insolent Ruckus Band, and the good for nothings. Dick Denmark-Patz was also in What Walt Meant, The Infamous Insolent Ruckus, the good for nothings and also Haduken. Myzstroh of course fronted the Elevated Hip-Hop Experience.
EU: What are some of your major influences and where does your inspiration come from?
John Paul: WLS as a whole shares quite a vast influence when pinpointing musical tastes /influences. As far as my major influences are concerned; drummers such as Bonham, Josh Peroff (Broken Social Scene), and Jon Philip Theodore (The Mars Volta) are a few. I personally believe our inspiration comes from each other. We push each other with all of our own individual talent. In a nutshell — we assemble, spill our thoughts onto the floor, pick them up and mold them into… Wild Life Society
Alex: Lyrically the concept in mind is to be covertly socially conscience, by using concepts of self-indulgence like romance and high hopes as analogies for the broader picture of the world our generation is set to inherit. I sing with Grace Slick and Tom Petty in mind, and overall harmony. Perseverance of the everyday struggle is the ultimate muse.
EU: Tell us about the album you just released and any upcoming shows.
WLS: We’ve released our five song self titled EP which is available through Skinny Records. The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered within 5 months with help from recording expert Ryan Turk at ALR Warehouse Studios. All gear used in the recording of this EP was documented, some including a 70 year old vocal mic and a variety of amps to achieve the guitar tones, several vintage organs, along with a plethora of piano and synth tones. The drum kit was placed in a chamber room with 12 mics, 3 on the bass drum alone. We’ve already begun working on our full-length album scheduled to be released later this year with Ryan Turk on Skinny Records. We will be performing two shows with our good friends in the Black Kids, July 15th at the Engine Room in Tallahassee and July 17th at Jack Rabbits.