ALBUM REVIEW Honey Chamber- Discount Hi-Fi

Jacksonville’s very own Honey Chamber is quickly becoming one of the most prolific local bands. It’s been barely a year since their debut album, Bridge to Homesick, was released on the then fledgling Infintesmal Records. After an EP somewhere along the way, they are releasing their latest record, Discount Hi-Fi, the fifteenth from the ever-growing local label.
The production has been stepped way up on this release. From the recording quality to the slick packaging, the game is being stepped way up for local, independent music. It’s as if HC have declared that they are NOT playing around and if this record is any indication, their efforts and hard work will soon pay off. Very soon.
Recorded primarily at Goldentone Studios in Gainesville by Rob McGregor, the album also features two self-produced tracks by the band’s own Ryan Ferrell. There is a marked difference in the overall sound of ‘New Leaf’ from the other songs but the home recording quality is just what the acoustic, almost Simon & Garfunkel number requires.
This album is full of growth. Honey Chamber is evolving organically, improving their musical chops and content without changing directions. The influences are becoming much harder to pinpoint, which is a sure sign of a band truly coming into their own and developing their own sound independent from all that has come before. While too many bands remain stagnant, Honey Chamber is going strong, writing new music thereby keeping their shows fresh. Whereas before hearing this record, I might have thought “I’ve already seen these guys play before,” I now feel the need to see them live just to see if their live show has improved as much as their recordings have. This new stuff has a lot more energy but maintains the introspective, at times harsh, lyrical stylings that identify the band. –