antojitos colombianos

by erin thursby
In an aging strip mall at Old Kings and Baymeadows, lies a culinary treat, Antojitos Columbianos Panaderia. The bakery isn’t large, but everywhere you look there’s some sort of reminder of Colombia. Even their clock is shaped like Colombia. There are a couple of tables and a counter. Customers watch with interest as a soccer match is broadcast in Spanish. While you can eat there, it’s the kind of place that most people use for “to go” orders. It’s not a place you want to linger since there isn’t much space, but since they deliver on flavor, it is a place where you might want to pick up.
The pastries here remind me of the treats I used to get in Miami. Guava stuffed, not overly sweet, good quality pastry is what you get. Antojitos and the Euro market next door are a regular stop for bread lovers.
Bread and pastries aren’t the only thing you’ll find here. You can also order platters such as the Bandeja Paisa (meats, sausages, an egg, black beans and more, all on one plate). It’s best to stick to the center of the menu. Antojitos translates to “cravings” and that’s what they’re best at. The cravings are small and most are easy to handle with one hand. Some are sweet like the pandebono con guyaba (guava cheese bread) and others are savory, like the sausage or the empanadas. The empanadas are a mild potato and beef mixture inside a folded golden colored pastry pocket. Be sure and ask for the sauce with the empandas.
The next time you want lunch to go, pastries that aren’t overwhelming in their sweetness or some yucca bread, go to Antojitos for Colombian flavor!