SPORTS w/The Jock 6/9/10

by Tom Weppel

If there’s anything we’ve seen during these contests between Boston and Los Angeles in the NBA Finals, it has been a lack of consistency.
That would seem kind of odd. Usually, a trait of any standout veteran player in the NBA is the ability to consistently come out and produce numbers, whether its good scoring, strong rebounding, etc. But so far, al we’ve seen are a number of guys who have had good games one night, then turn around and essentially flop the next.
Look Ray Allen of the Celtics, for example. Last Sunday night playing Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Allen scored 32 points, making a record eight three-pointers to help defeat the Lakers. In their next contest on Tuesday night, he came in and went south, only getting THREE points, all on free throws! He almost set another record…this one for shooting blanks, as he went 0-13 from the field in the Boston loss.
Obviously, the play of Ray Allen had a huge effect on the game results for the Celts, and it only emphasizes that much more how consistency is so important from the vets.
Boston has such a veteran-laden squad, it makes you wonder how they will fare now each time they take the court. A guy like Kevin Garnett will come out and score only six points in a game, like he did in Game 2, then turn around and throw 25 points on the board, as he did in Game 3! For Head Coach Doc Rivers, it can become a complete test of nerves and frustration.
The same thing can happen even with the superstars. While the Lakers always look for good stuff from Kobe Bryant, his shooting has not been that great. In the Game 2 loss, Bryant went 8-20 from the field for 21 points. On Tuesday, he had 29 points, but he did it shooting only 10-29 in FG’s. You would think Bryant would come out and be more consistently accurate, regardless of the defensive pressure Boston applies to him. However, that hasn’t been the case.
Bettors in Las Vegas, online, and abroad I’m sure have been going nuts over this kind of stuff! There’s absolutely no way at all to forecast or figure out who is going to do what for the next game! Of course, the unpredictability can only create that much more intrigue and curiosity for NBA fans everywhere else! Bottom line is we’ll see who comes out playing the best in these last few contests…
With a couple of weeks still left until the free agency period begins in the NBA, there has been a tremendous amount of curiosity and speculation as to who is going to be going where to play for whatever team.
For those who are deeply into the whole scenario, the days have been getting longer and longer! With so many ‘name’ players available, including Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, and even possibly Amar’e Stoudamire and Dirk Nowitski, the guessing game has become a pure nightmare!
We all know the one name everyone has been focusing on is Lebron James. The stories, the projections, the predictions…they all have come out as being nothing but lethal fodder for anyone wanting to be an ‘expert’ in the whole scene!
Despite all the media crap out there so far, the bottom line is that James has not done or said anything to give any of us an inside track as to what he’s going to do or where he wants to go. Anyone who has told you otherwise is full of sh*t!
That said, consider the following as we get closer to the July 1st start date…of all the potential suitors out there, none can offer a more lucrative deal then the Cavs themselves! That’s the way the NBA wanted the whole thing set up…to allow the ‘home’ team the incentive to keep the player.
Still, for a guy like Lebron, who I’m sure already has plenty of cash after playing seven years in the League, perhaps money isn’t the main issue. We shall see…