jax stylefiles

by emily moody
compiled by , photo by ezra marcos
breanna in front of edge city
This pretty little lady totally caught my eye with her Eliza Dolittle-esque style. This East Arlington girl was dressed sweet and ladylike, with a classic Louis bag almost as big as her. Wearing vintage, she pulled off the look without turning it into a costume.

Stylefile: What inspires your style?
Breanna: Vintage, classic looks

Who would you consider your fashion icon?
Zoe Kravitz, The Olsens

Where do you shop?
Vintage and thrift shops. Urban Outfitters.

If you could by anything for your wardrobe what would you get?
Oh, this is a hard question because I want everything. OK- the new biker shorts from Chanel, for sure.

What is your go-to garment? (Or in Breana’s case, garments!)
Summer dresses, oversize menswear and leggings.