SEX & THE CITY 2 movie review

by Rick Grant
Writer/director, Michael Patrick King’s slant on this second Sex… movie deals with women in the dreaded transition into post menopausal life. Unrealistically, the gals live in a fairytale world of wealth and fashion, far removed from the real world. But that’s why women and men love this ensemble–they represent a wish-fulfillment fantasy with humor and glamor. It’s pure escapist fantasy.
In Carrie’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) case it’s a world where she is trying to redefine marriage to Mr. Big (Ken Noth). Interestingly, Noth’s character is typical of the happily married man. He is completely comfortable at home, relaxing on the couch, watching TV after a hard day wrestling with the stock market. He’s done the night-life scene, and now he’s settled down and content.
In contrast, Carrie fears the routine of married life will get boring and lack the spark of their carefree pre-marriage relationship. So, she complains to Big that since they have no children, they can experiment with a different style of marriage that avoids routine.
Since Carrie couldn’t sell her apartment, she keeps it and she asks Big if she can go there for a few days to write. He’s fine with that. Then when she returns, he suggests that they take two days apart a week for her to be alone in the apartment.
Carrie reads way too much into his idea, but agrees. Problem solved? Not necessarily. The question is: Can Carrie have her cake and eat it too? Well, after a journey to the Middle East, that cake might taste stale.
Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is suffering the full effects of menopause but she is taking hormones and using special creams recommended by a Suzanne Somers’ diet book to offset the symtoms. She is determined to not let her hot flashes get in the way of her exciting sex life, which has slowed down recently. Ah yes, gravity is a cruel force of nature.
Despite their hectic lives, the gals get together and the wedding of their two gay best friends is a chance to catch up. The lavish wedding is over-the-top with a men’s chorus and non-other than Liza Minnelli starring in a song and dance number. The segment is funny and wildy entertaining.
Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is not handling the stress of motherhood well, and her whiny kids are driving her crazy. Her main worry, though, is her Irish nanny who flops around with no bra tempting her husband.
Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) hates her job at a law firm whose senior partner doesn’t recognize her contribution to the firm. Her boss rudely cuts her off at meetings by putting his hand in front of her face. She definitely needs a break.
Fortuitous circumstances happen to allow the gals to go on an all expense paid trip to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates as guest of the king, who likes Samantha.
The gals have seen luxury before, but nothing like their accommodations at this 5 star Abu Dhabi hotel. They each have a luxury car and driver, a butler and a magnificent suite of rooms with their own bars. Every wish is their butler’s command.
This main segment in Abu Dhabi helps the girls unwind. In a unbelievable coincidence, Carrie bumps into her ex-boyfriend, Aiden (John Corbett), who is doing business in the UAE.
The gay wedding and the trip to UAE are a wonderful escape for the audience. Yes, the gals have gotten older, but they’re still fashion plates, strutting their stuff as sexy broads. The movie is a wild ride being with these flamboyant gals off on another adventure.