Tuptim Thai restaurant review

by Erin Thursby
It’s clear that Tuptim Thai has quickly become a neighborhood favorite. I’m always on the hunt for genuine Thai, so I was glad to find this restaurant right in my neighborhood. Tuptim, like some of the best restaurants, is in a strip mall. It’s on Roosevelt, not far from our Lakeshore digs.
Once inside, there’s an upscale Thai atmosphere but the prices are mid-range, about $10-15 for an entree.
I could smell the pungent aroma of just a little fish sauce punching through the other aromas of my husband’s pad thai. Ah! The real deal! My pad drunken noodle had just enough Thai heat and tasty Thai basil. I took a chance and ordered the tofu to top my meal and I wasn’t disappointed. Our friend ordered the Tuptim duck. And while I may order a dish in the future that has more heat than his did (he’s spice-shy) the bit of duck I tasted was succulent enough that it’s on my “to order” list.
I enjoyed the sweet and creamy Thai tea and it was rich enough that when I finished it, I simply ordered a water. Servers don’t always have a clear grasp of English but they more than make up for it with an eagerness to please. The hostess went around checking on tables as well, so there was always someone to help us out.
The dimmest spot in the dining experience was the booth. It was built for giants. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, however, even my husband’s feet didn’t touch the floor when he put his back against the booth. It’s a small quibble, but the distance between mouth and plate seems awfully long when you’re eating noodles.
The item I loved most were the deep fried Tuptim rolls–I highly recommend them. Dessert wasn’t a wonder and it took a while to get to the table, but it was tasty; little slices of banana jacketed in golden fried phyllo topped with honey and sesame seeds.
Tuptim is a place I’d visit again for genuine Thai goodness.