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by Kellie Abrahamson
tv talk
Back in 2004, the television landscape was a depressing place. There was little to watch aside from reality shows and fat husband/skinny wife comedies. Then came Lost. The sci-fi drama captured the attention of millions with its lush island setting, fascinating characters and major WTF storylines. Lost made TV fun again and proved that scripted shows still have a place on the airwaves.
It’s been a wild ride, and now it’s coming to an end. Lost will air its final episode on May 23rd, an event that will be watched, dissected and debated by fanatics and the casual observer alike. Finale parties are being planned around the country in honor of the special night and you should consider throwing one too. After all, as Jacob said, “The end only happens once.” Don’t know want to be with your fellow Lost nerds when it finally does?
Throwing a Lost party can be really easy- think TV, comfy seating and a bowl of chips- or, like the show itself, really complicated. Aim for somewhere in the middle and you’ll have fun that’s not overdone.
Your invites can be personalized Oceanic boarding passes or a Dharma logo centered on black with party details printed just below. As for d’cor, no need to go over-the-top. A couple palm trees and a vase of tropical flowers on the refreshment table will suffice. Speaking of which, the snacks are where you’re free to get theme crazy. Indie film company Max Pictures created Dharma-brand labels for everything from water to cola to merlot. You can find those here: For eats, think back to your favorite episodes for inspiration. Serve up fried chicken in honor of Mr. Cluck’s, some peanut butter crackers for the Claires in your life, tray’s of meat boar hunter Locke would be proud of and, of course, plenty of tropical fruit. During commercials ask trivia questions for small door prizes (stuffed polar bears, anyone?) or play a tune or two from Brooklyn-based duo Previously on Lost (
The end of a show is often not something to celebrate. But Lost had an amazing run and, however you choose to watch it, the finale promises to be a satisfying one. This, my friends, is truly event television. You don?t want to miss it.
on the tube

The Real Housewives of New Jersey (May 3, Bravo), The Dudesons in America (May 6, MTV), Ultimate Poker Challenge (May 6, MTV), Friday Night Lights (May 7, NBC), Need to Know (May 7, PBS), The Good Guys (May 19, Fox), The Bachelorette (May 24, ABC), 100 Questions (May 27, NBC), Cake Boss (May 31, TLC), True Beauty (May 31, ABC)
Cold Case (May 2, CBS), Fly Girls (May 5, CW), The Amazing Race (May 9, CBS), RuPaul’s Drag Race (May 10, LOGO), America’s Next Top Model (May 12, CW), Mercy (May 12, NBC), The New Adventures of Old Christine (May 12, CBS), The Vampire Diaries (May 13, CW), Supernatural (May 13, CW), Private Practice (May 13, ABC), Smallville (May 14, CW), Funny or Die Presents (May 14, NBC), Saturday Night Live (May 15, NBC), Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (May 16, ABC), Survivor (May 16, CBS), Desperate Housewives (May 16, ABC), American Dad (May 16, Fox), Brothers & Sisters (May 16, ABC), House (May 17, Fox), One Tree Hill (May 17, CW), Gossip Girl (May 17, CW), Castle (May 17, ABC), 90210 (May 18, CW), V (May 18, ABC), The Middle (May 19, ABC), Modern Family (May 19, ABC), Cougar Town (May 19, ABC), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (May 19, NBC), Bones (May 20, Fox), Community (May 20, NBC), Parks & Recreation (May 20, NBC), CSI (May 20, CBS), Fringe (May 20, Fox), Grey’s Anatomy (May 20, ABC), The Office (May 20, NBC), 30 Rock (May 20, NBC), The Mentalist (May 20, CBS), Ghost Whisperer (May 21, CBS), Kitchen Nightmares (May 21, Fox), Medium (May 21, CBS), The Ricky Gervais Show (May 21, HBO), The Simpsons (May 23, Fox), The Cleveland Show (May 23, Fox), The Apprentice (May 23, NBC), Family Guy (May 23, Fox), Lost (May 23, ABC), 24 (May 24, Fox), Chuck (May 24, NBC), How I Met Your Mother (May 24, CBS), The Rules of Engagement (May 24, CBS), Two and a Half Men (May 24, CBS), The Big Bang Theory (May 24, CBS), CSI: Miami (May 24, CBS), Law & Order (May 24, NBC), The Bigger Loser (May 25, NBC), NCIS (May 25, CBS), Dancing with the Stars (May 25, ABC), NCIS: Los Angeles (May 25, CBS), The Good Wife (May 25, CBS), Parenthood (May 25, NBC), American Idol (May 26, Fox), Criminal Minds (May 26, CBS), CSI: NY (May 26, CBS), FlashForward (May 27, ABC), So You Think You Can Dance (May 27, Fox), 10 Things I Hate About You (May 31, ABC Family)
Specials Jesse Stone (original telefilm- May 9, CBS), 2010 Miss America Pageant (May 16, NBC), Witchville (original telefilm- May 22, Syfy), Brooks & Dunn: The Last Rodeo (concert special- May 23, CBS), The Special Relationship (original telefilm- May 29, HBO)
New on DVD
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Tooth Fairy (Rated PG)
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Legion (Rated R)
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Edge of Darkness (Rated R)

May 18
Invictus (Rated PG-13)
Extraordinary Measures (Rated PG)
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The Messenger (Rated R)
The Spy Next Door (Rated PG)
May 25
Dear John (Rated PG-13)
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