EU late nite movie ANIMAL HOUSE

Ever long for those care free raucous days of college-life…beer bongs and all niters? Or maybe you’re imbibing that time of life right now? There’s something the party mongrel in all us loves to do…turn up the volume and peg the fun meter when the grown-olds have gone sleepytime. There’s no better way to party late night than watching a movie full of mischief, mayhem and an all-outrageous toga party. The classic college comedy ANIMAL HOUSE starring John Belushi will be presented by EU Jacksonville at the historic Five Points Theatre in Riverside to launch a series of unique monthly late night movie events.
There will be two showings of ANIMAL HOUSE. The party light is lit on Friday, May 14 at 11 pm complete with toga party, Animal Cracker House food fight and free beer to those who attend in toga. And for those, that nowadays find late night too late, there will be an encore flashback matinee at 3 pm on Sunday afternoon, May 16.
National Lampoon’s first movie, ANIMAL HOUSE will long be remembered as a pioneering film bringing America the boys of “double-secret probation” Delta House with their cafeteria antics, escapade road trip and ultimate payback pranks. The film genre of outrageous nearly-adult male behavior like Porky’s, American Pie and Hangover started with ANIMAL HOUSE. But, this film can’t really be rivaled or redone and stands alone as the top-dog of the genre as the original that has never even considered making a sequel.
This 1978 comedy stars many well known actors in their younger years. The most notable performance is by the late John Belushi. Some of the other better known actors in are Tom Hulce, Kevin Bacon, Karen Allen, and Stephen Furst. Donald Sutherland also appears in the film as an English professor. The story takes place at Faber College in 1962 and is about the conflict between Dean Vernon Wormer (John Vernon) who is allied with certain members of Omega House, against Delta House, the worst fraternity on campus. The Deltas are a motley crew of misfits and sociopaths bent on disrupting the well-starched status quo and who engage in various illegalities that land them in hot water. It is the Dean’s goal to rid the campus of Delta House.
Refresh your wild child spirit and join the characters of Jacksonville on Friday night, May 14 at the 5 Points Theatre for EU Jacksonville’s late night showing of National Lampoon’s ANIMAL HOUSE. And, if you miss the Friday night fun, we’ll do the show again on Sunday afternoon at 3 pm. Admission is just $6.50 and is Rated R for riotous comedy, foul language, equine homicide, cucumber envy and brief nudity.