Adventure Shopping = Savings

by Emily Moody
When it comes to my wardrobe (and many of the finer things in life), I tend to have Vevue Clicquot taste on a PBR budget. A perfect way to stretch your dollar a little further, and in my opinion to personalize your look, is to thrift shop. Not only is it a favorite hobby of mine, but you can find stellar pieces for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. This month, I went on a mission to snag 2 cute spring looks for under $20. At the risk of divulging too many of my secrets, read on to find out how to thrift like a pro.
In under an hour at an undisclosed location (I can’t give away ALL my secrets!) I found quite a few gems among the thrift mishmash. I ended up with 10 items and a grand total of $18.62, including tax!
What I scored:
1. white pumps – $1.99
2. hot pink belt – $0.99
3. grey vest – $1.99
4. teal tank dress – $1.50 (original price: $2.99 but it was ½ off!)
5. scarf – $0.99
6. rosette dress – $2.99
7. vintage bangle – $1.99
8. ivory clutch with lucite clasp – $1.99
9. black pleated clutch – $1.99
10. black linen blazer – $0.99 (This was a steal! Originally was $3.99 but it was 75% off!)

Look #1: Cute and Casual
Total Cost: $9.05
After finding a simple teal t-shirt tank dress, I ran across a little grey jersey vest that was the perfect accoutrement. I wanted to accent the neckline with a pop of print or color and the 70’s print scarf, a la Sophia Loren, did just that. The white pumps and vintage clutch make this a modern, yet eclectic look.

Look #2: Romantic Rocker
Total Cost: $9.57
90’s fashion is starting to feel fresh again. I’m not talking Doc Martens and grungy flannels, either. Think back to the pretty florals, shrunken blazers and bright accents. The pretty romantic rosette dress paired perfectly under the black linen blazer. I love adding a pop of color to an ensemble so pairing a hot pink belt with the dress was a given. Using the same white pumps for both looks proves the versatility of these shoes. The little black clutch will be a go to accessory in your style repertoire and pulls in the black of the dress and blazer quite elegantly.

Shopping Tips:
• When you get to the store, look for a sign, usually located in the front, that mentions percentage off discounts for specific colored tags.
• Hit a thrift store in the mornings when the racks are newly restocked from the day before
• When splurging on higher end items for your closet, purchase designer pieces that are classic and will last season upon season. Then mix back thrift accessories, a vest or jacket to make a style your own.
• If you find a piece that happens to be a little big, remember it may be worth $10 to get it taken in at your local tailor!
• Thrift stores always have a huge selection of belts and scarves, so don’t be afraid to dig around to find the most choice accessories.

Emily Moody, a Jacksonville native, has been in the fashion industry for 10 years. After a stint as a buyer for the upscale shop, Fred Segal, in Los Angeles and as an assistant designer for a women’s clothing company in Atlanta, she made her way back to Jacksonville. Five years ago she opened Anomaly, a clothing store that specializes in unique, fashion forward clothing and accessories.