REMEMBER ME Movie Review

by Rick Grant
Screenwriter, Will Fetters conjured up a daring idea for this script that expresses the importance of living in the moment and plunging into love with passion, because the future could be disastrous. Contrary to public belief, this film is not a vehicle to showcase Robert Pattinson in a romantic role to exploit his sex idol status from the Twilight nonsense.
To his credit, Pattinson displayed his considerable acting chops as the 22 year old, Tyler Hawkins, the son of a wealthy financial magnate Charles Hawkins (Pierce Brosnan). The story involves Tyler’s tragic past when his brother committed suicide.
Estranged from his father, Tyler is auditing courses at a NYC university. When he and a friend go out one night, Tyler tries to break up a fight and, consequently,he meets NYPD detective, Sgt. Neil Craig, who roughs him up for being a wise-ass, and throws him in jail.
In a strange coincidence, Tyler meets Ally Craig (Emilie de Ravin) and during their budding romance, Tyler finds out that Ally’s mother was murdered in front of her during a mugging in the subway station. He also discovers that she is the daughter of Sgt. Craig. Both Ally and her father think he’s dating her to get back at the detective. It’s not true, but the accusation creates problems for Tyler.
But, Tyler and Ally’s romance continues with its ups and downs, as Tyler comes to terms with his relationship with his father.
For the most part, director Allen Coulter creates his scenes with authentic realism, given the setting in NYC. Tyler’s tiny messy walk-up is typical of a struggling young person in NYC. Of course, Tyler is the heir to a fortune and when he takes Ally out to meet his father at a fancy restaurant, we see Tyler’s probable future in a suit and tie. This scene comes off as too contrived, but it does underscore Tyler’s pedigree.
Some pundits will say that Fetters’ script is clunky and the segues are too improbable. And they have a point. However, it is a bold attempt to produce an iconoclastic film that skewers the Hollywood formula.
Frankly, I admire Fetters for his courage to buck convention and stick with his edgy script. The fact that Fetters got his screenplay adapted to film is a credit to producers Nick Osborne and Jonathan Freeman, who realized they were producing a film far outside the norm. The film proved that Robert Pattinson has real acting talent, who along with Emilie de Ravin as Ally, put their careers on the line for this Coulter and Fetters’ film.