Harvest of Hope Festival

The second annual fundraiser Harvest of Hope Foundation Music and Arts Festival, March 12- 14th, located at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds in St. Augustine features a three day, multiple stage alternative music festival that is unique in many ways, but mostly because it is all to benefit and raise awareness for nonprofit charity Harvest of Hope Foundation (www.harvestofhope.net). Like last year, the line up is stellar including Billy Bragg, Broken Social Scene, the Mountain Goats and Dr. Dog. From February 12th to March 11th, tickets will be $49.50 for the three music-filled days. Walk-up 3-day tickets will be $60. Single day tickets will be available for $25/day in advance and $35/day weekend of. Three-day camping passes are also now available at $19.50/person.

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Here is a just a brief look at a few of the many bands that will be performing at this weekend’s HOH festival.

Broken Social Scene
Broken Social Scene is a Canadian Indie rock band, a musical collective including as few as six and as many as nineteen members, formed in 1999 by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. All of its members currently play in various other groups and solo projects, mainly based around the city of Toronto. The band refuses the label “supergroup,” based on size or the ubiquity of their members, claiming that in the indie scene everyone is involved in more than one project.

The Supervillains
Not your typical happy-go-lucky “SKA” band, the Supervillains are out to turn heads and push buttons and trying to reinstate the good name of ska and reggae.

Anti-Flag is an American punk rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known for their outspoken views on American government. Most recently, the band has focused criticism on the United States bailouts. This politically fueled band is one which should not be missed. http://www.facebook.com/l/4f750;www.myspace.com/antiflag

Whiskey and Co.
WHISKEY & Co. had a rich blend of current alternative country standouts and Americana. They have a sound like Johnny Cash, while keeping a punk rock attitude. Not only do have put on a great live show (seem them twice), but thy truly support the Harvest of Hope Foundation- They have done a minium of three bebnfits for HOH in less than a year! http://www.facebook.com/l/4f750;www.myspace.com/whiskeyco

Ninja Gun
Where to start with Ninja Gun. Returning to the Second annual HOH Fest, this Valdosta, GA band has a sound you need to check out for yourself. http://www.facebook.com/l/4f750;www.myspace.com/ninjagun

3rd Stone
Genre busting 3rd Stone blends rock, afro-beat, reggae and funk rhythms into a highly addictive sonic stew that is sure to make your body move! If you’re in the mood to dance, this is the band to see! http://www.facebook.com/l/4f750;www.myspace.com/3rdstoneband

How Dare You
This Orlando, FL band doesn’t do anything you haven’t heard before, but they do it with so much conviction and heart that you can’t help but want to pump your fist, bob your head, or just crank up your car stereo really really loud.

Ornate Escape
Ornate Escape is a four piece punk metal combo band based in Gainesville, Florida. The oldest member is only 17, but plays like a seasoned pro. With attacking double lead guitars, a spatial bass line, and pounding drums, their songs have a full and resounding effect.

Some say they were born of a fish mother and an alien father. Others say they were born from radiation in the Hudson River. Still others say that they were the offspring of six guys who liked to jam and shared an appreciation for New Orleans-style funk.