hidden gems – The Skyline

by Erin Thursby
On the 42nd floor of the Bank of America building lies a hidden gem: the Skyline. While it is a cafeteria, their buffet-style fare consists of high-end sandwiches, salads and made-to-order stations. The food is affordable (lunch for two cost us about $22) and tasty, but it’s the view that will entice you the most.
To get to the 42nd foor, you walk into the main lobby of the Bank of America building. Choose the bank of elevators that serve the 42nd floor. This is an express elevator. If no other floors are chosen, the car will rocket to its destination. Expect your ears to pop.
Once there, it’s short hop to the buffet area. A friendly host will guide you, but things are pretty self explanatory. There are stations for sandwiches grilled in a panini press. And there are even two made-to-order stations where you can grab a heavier meal of stir fry or something else. Diners can also enjoy a quick muffin or fresh salad. You can either prepare the salad or take a grab-and-go salad from the cold section if you’re in hurry.
I sampled the blackened salmon pita and the chicken salad. Both were exemplary. The chicken and potato salads were prepared with fresh rosemary. It’s no frills dining, but the quality was good enough to bring me back.
The windows of the dining room look out on the cityscape of Downtown. The Modis building and the St. Johns River loom large in the view. I do have one complaint- instead of taking full advantage of the skyscape by arranging the seating so that all diners can gaze on the scene below, they’ve put bench seating up against the windows. That means that at least one person in your party will be sitting with their back to the view. And it’s quite a view.
They do have space and time to rent for meetings and events if you’re interested.