Holiday Game Guide

nintendo wii
New Super Mario Bros. Wii It’s been said that New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS is one of the best selling platformers of all time. So naturally, it makes sense to create a sequel to this game on the world’s best-selling game console, right? New Super Mario Bros. Wii promises classic Super Mario gameplay along with new item powerups and the ability to play with up to four other players simultaneously. If there is a must-own Wii game for the season, this would be my choice.
A Boy and His Blob This lovable remake of the classic NES game is the perfect choice for the fan of puzzle platformers. Players will guide a young boy on adventures through various outdoor environments. At your side is a friendly alien, blob-like creature who transforms into various items depending on which kind of jellybean you feed him. These items will help you solve puzzles, get around obstacles and defeat various threats. Items include trampolines, ladders, bubbles, holes and even a rocket. A Boy and His Blob is artfully cute, and the game even includes a ‘hug’ button for your character to show his blob how much he cares.
Excitebike World Rally Another remake of an NES classic, Excitebike World Rally is the first true sequel to the original game, Excitebike. The gameplay in this update is pretty simple: Race forward along a track with no curves, managing your jumps and adjusting for landings, and using speed boosts as necessary. The game’s tracks feature four lanes for your rider to move about, racing against computer controlled rivals in circuit mode, or against other people via Nintendo Wifi. Note, you must have access to the Nintendo Wifi store to access this title
Wii Sports Resort This sequel to the pack-in game Wii Sports is quite an upgrade from the original. Utilizing the Wii Motion Plus add-on that’s included in the box, Wii Sports Resort brings a multitude of new gaming experiences that are fun for players both young and old. With the Motion Plus Add-on, your Wii remote will track real motions one to one, meaning much more realistic movement. This is especially evident in the fencing games, along with table tennis and basketball. With events that range from power cruising on jet skis to skydiving and dogfighting in airplanes, Wii Sports Resort certainly delivers.

playstation 3
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Regarded by most reviewers as ‘Fantastic’, Uncharted 2 is arguably the most critically acclaimed game for the PS3 to date. With exciting and dramatic gameplay and cinematic excitement that rivals the Indiana Jones movies, this game won’t disappoint. Uncharted 2 has something for every action fan, from shooting to climbing to sneaking around- it even has some puzzle-solving elements to it. The game plays like a million-dollar action movie, and that’s not a bad thing at all.
Demon’s Souls Demon’s Souls is an amazing game with a terrific design feature that has been missing from games for so long: this game is HARD. Perhaps at first you may see that this game looks like most other dungeon crawlers on the market, but once you play for a while you’ll see what makes it special. The sense of accomplishment from this game is heightened by the fact that there is absolutely no hand-holding. Similar to real life, dying in the game only makes achieving your goals more difficult. Demon’s Souls is a great PS3 exclusive game, with a fun and gratifying combat system that rewards you for playing well. Demon’s Souls a great game to sink your time into.

xbox 360
Forza Motorsport 3 Regarded by some as the Xbox 360’s answer to Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport 3 is the most true to life racing game on the console to date. While many comparisons are made to Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo, Forza 3 has a bit more personality. In addition to fully customizable cars down to the gears, you can also customize your liveries and exchange paint jobs with your friends. Forza 3 also features a terrific replay mode to go along with the exciting gameplay.

multiplatform games
Tekken 6 (Xbox 360, PS3) The King of Iron Fist Tournament is back, and this time it’s brought a fleshed out (although a little weak) adventure mode, along with the terrific arcade version of Tekken 6. Characters are customizable just as they were in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, and practice mode has been improved as well. To top all this off, add two new characters to the already staggeringly large roster, and you have all the makings of one of the best fighting games of the year.
Modern Warfare 2 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) Modern Warfare 2 is pretty much the best selling game in the world right now, and for good reason. The already great multi-player modes have been improved upon, and the story mode in the Modern Warfare series features one of the most compelling, exciting plots in gaming’s history. Note that this game is absolutely not for kids, and features some pretty brutal scenes of violence associated with war.
Borderlands (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) Borderlands features an interesting mix of first person shooting and MMO-style gameplay. In this game, you’ll traverse through post-apocalyptic environs shooting your way through bad guys, leveling up your character and cooperating with your friends to accumulate power-ups and other loot.
Dragon Age: Origins (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) Dragon Age: Origins is a strategic adventure RPG. The game plays like your standard RPG, but that’s not to say that the story is boring because it isn’t. Compelling storylines change with your character’s choices, meaning you could play through the game multiple times and get something significantly different each time. Dragon Age: Origins will seriously give you hours upon hours of entertainment.
The Beatles: Rock Band (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) This epic music game release marks a milestone for how far music games have come. In addition to supporting your standard Rock Band instruments (guitar, drums, microphone), the game also supports multiple microphones at a time for 3-part harmonies. Excellent visual effects play tribute to the innovative and creative nature of the Beatles. A must-have for Beatles fans.
Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) It’s been said that Arkham Asylum is one of the best licensed games of this console generation, but this is quite possibly the best one of all time. Staying true to the comic books, Arkham Asylum features an all-star voice cast and plenty of stealthy action to keep you on the edge of your seat.
Left 4 Dead 2 (PC, Xbox 360) Left 4 Dead is an excellent squad-based survival game that pits players against a seemingly endless army of the walking dead. Left 4 Dead 2 focuses heavily on teamwork, having you work closely with other players to survive. The teamwork element makes the game a fun, unique experience every time you play.

Cities XL This city simulation game goes one step ahead of the famous Sim City series, allowing you to create vast and innovative city designs in a virtual online world connected to other real players. The customization options are nearly limitless, and the game manages to stay fun even when your city reaches maturity.
Plants Vs. Zombies This casual title has the player fight off a zombie attack using strategic placement of killer plants. Cute, fun and funny, Plants Vs. Zombies is great for the casual gamer.


april, 2022