BBB Complex Art Show

Looking for a unique gift this holiday season? Want to support local small businesses and artists at the same time? Then be sure to head down to 1520 North Main Street on December 12th for the BBB Complex Art Show 2. The former auto lot turned record store/bike co-op/messenger bag shop is hosting its second annual open house art show featuring an artist series of handmade messenger bags. The invitational show involves collaborations with local artists such as Mark George, Shaun Thurston, John O’Brian, Chad Landenberger and many more. In addition to one-of-a-kind bags, vendors will be selling locally made goods that will make perfect gifts and support the local economy. Raffle tickets will also be available for a chance to win from an assortment of prizes. Preceding this year’s show will be a craft fair in the parking lot, another great opportunity to find something unique for that special someone. Although the bike art will be absent from the show this year, bring your bike anyway as impromptu games will no doubt find a way into the festivities. For more information check out the Burro Bags blog at