Orange Park Community Theatre Greetings

Orange Park Community Theatre’s Greetings

Leigh Pressler and Laura Hocklinski, as Andy & Randi, are making their debuts on the Orange Park Stage and you actually feel they are real people, and very believable in the roles.

Ellen Hare is wonderful as the very caring and devoted mother to her retarded son, and tolerant of her always complaining husband whom she dearly loves as well. Ms. Hare is very versatile actress, and she is a joy see in any role.

Cameron Henderson came into the role of Mickey, with a special knowledge of mentally challenged persons, being involved with his family’s foundation Henderson Haven. For a young actor, he has an impressive resume with three performances at the Alhambra Dinner Theatre in musicals, and roles in other major musicals in this area. He certainly is the best I have seen performing this particular role.

The role of the Archie Bunker type father character, Phil, could not have been cast any better than John Pope. Pope’s list of credits could fill a couple of pages at least. I have always found him to be a real professional on stage (and as a director, as a matter of fact). Comedy or drama, Mr. Pope can do it all and do it well.

I have already told you how much I like the set, and I would be remiss not mentioning the super Christmas tree by Beverly Crocco, Patti Peres and Linda Marshall. Director Susan Cacaba does wonders with comedies, and she has realized all the potential humor in this warm and fuzzy holiday story. Miracles can happen on stage, and if you don’t believe me see Greetings.

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I know I speak for all the theatres, especially Orange Park, and give thanks to a true angel, Tom Nehl and The Tom Nehl Fund of The Community Foundation, who has done so much to improve the quality of live community theatre in North Florida.

About Dick Kerekes & Leisla Sansom

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october, 2021