yourjax music

by erin thursby and kellie abrahamson
YourJax Music, sponsored by EU Jacksonville, is a television show which features interviews and musical performances with artists from our local scene. Viewers can learn about new and old bands and be entertained, but it’s also an opportunity for burgeoning performers to connect with a wider audience.
The show initially started as an idea for community involvement and a way to drive traffic to CW17’s website. Since airtime and studio space was available, the network affiliate partnered with EU Jacksonville and expanded YourJax Music into a weekly television program. The vast majority of those featured in the show are local musicians, but a handful of touring acts have had their moment in the spotlight as well. The first episode, for instance, had performances by Charlie Walker, Goliath Flores and Mishka, a reggae artist from Bermuda who recently played in Jacksonville.
Because EU Jacksonville has been championing local musicians for over 30 years, collaborating with the CW to create a music show was a no-brainer. Instead of merely writing about the best that Jax has to offer, we’re able to share some of our favorite up-and-coming acts with the CW’s audience. Several of our picks have already shot segments and will be making their television debutes in the coming weeks. Expect a wide variety of artists to make appearances as the show progresses. In addition to providing the talent, EU’s own Jack Diablo takes his conversations with bands from the page to the stage in regular interview segments. Besides interviews and performances there are also other segments including guitar tips from Tony Smotherman, music calendars and a look inside some of the area’s best places to see a show.
If you’re in a band and want to take advantage of this unique (and free) opportunity to make a performance video, you’ll need to know a couple of things. First, you’ll have to work around the studio’s schedule and film your set during business hours. In exchange for the studio time, the CW gets to use your video on YourJax Music and you’ll get a DVD of your professionally shot and edited performance. Participating bands record three songs, which if used, may be in more than one of the shows. And, if time allows, you may even be interviewed by Jack Diablo. If you’re interested in being one of the artists featured on the show you can email host Jake McCain at [email protected] to submit an audition CD.
You can see YourJax Music on CW17 every Saturday at 10 pm and on Sundays at 6:30 pm. You can also see segments on under the music tab.