Album Review: Finally

by rick grant
Artist: The Peyton Brothers
Label: Bluejay Productions, Inc.
The legendary Peyton Brothers have wowed audiences for 35 years in innumerable live performances countrywide and on their own radio shows. Now, Finally the veteran bluegrass siblings have recorded their music on CD.
The four brothers, John, Dan, Michael and Lee look road worn from their earlier promo photo. From long hair circa 1972 to gray hair now, the brothers may have aged but they can still draw a crowd. They sold out their October 10th European Street show.
On this classic CD, the Peyton Brothers put together 11 of their favorite songs so their fans can now take their music home from their gigs. This choice collection is a keeper and now gets heavy rotation in my car, and I’m very particular what artist gets played on my car CD player-Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Steve Earl, Tom Waits, Richard Thompson, and now the Peyton Brothers.
The 11 song set includes Peyton Brothers classics like ‘Pallet on The Floor,’ ‘Dooley,’ ‘Gentle on My Mind,’ ‘Dammit’ (very funny), ‘Margaret and the Dutchman’ (one of my favorites), ‘Winsboro Bottom Mill Blues,’ et al.
The Peyton Brothers are unquestionably one of the best bluegrass bands in the country. Their impeccable vocal harmonies and musicianship stand out. With Michael’s five string banjo always out front in the mix, Lee’s award winning mandolin picking, John’s excellent upright bass plucking and Dan’s acoustic guitar playing, this band kicks bluegrass ass.
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