I'll Hide My Love

by kali mclevy
Album: I’ll Hide My Love
Artist: Juicy Pony
Jacksonville’s Juicy Pony have just released their highly anticipated EP, I’ll Hide My Love not even a year after forming. On the momentus event in this young band’s career, Jesse Leach says, “Personally, I have a strong sense of accomplishment getting on iTunes…. I think it’s going to get us exposure way beyond Jacksonville”.
The first song on the EP, ‘Your Eyes,’ has received accolades on iTunes by earning the highest popularity rating for the album. The pop power-ballad style could be misleading to the nature of the remaining five songs, which I will tell you are nothing like this one. Jesse’s vocals seem to blend with the music as opposed to rising above it. The album then advances on to the most intense song, ‘I’ll Hide My Love,’ a high energy dance hit. The subject is the object of his affection whom he can’t seem to take hold of. The album continues on with ‘It Goes Like That,’ where it simmers down with the help of a little bit of old school drum machine followed by powerful guitar riffs. From there it progresses into ‘Make it the Best,’ a definite club jam. In ‘Where is the Disconnect’ and ‘Can’t Say I’m Yours,’ Jesse experiments with vocal synthesizer, giving them an even poppier element than the songs that proceeded them.
Congratulations are in order for this tenderfooted duo for making it this far in their mere nine month coup. With their dance inclined, indie, electronic music, they’re definitely deserving of reward, whether it be fame, a larger fan base or beyond.