Sherwood's Q U

photo: Paul Witkowski
photo: Paul Witkowski
photo: Paul Witkowski

by Jeremy Gould
Artist: Sherwood
Album: Q U
Label: MySpace Records
Release date: October 13, 2009

Many have tried, many have failed. Crafting the perfect pop record is the holy grail for many bands and artists since those two influential bands and perpetrators of near pop perfectionism went toe to toe in years past. Of course I’m talking about the Beach Boys and the Beatles, whose catalogs lay the quintessential rock-pop blueprints. Sherwood has been working hard at this seemingly unattainable goal for many years now. From their humble beginnings in San Luis Obispo, California, Sherwood has written memorable hooks and songs that many have not been fortunate enough to hear. With one of the most infectious sounds in this current stale pop market, Sherwood continues to carry on the near-perfect pop flame.
With Q U, their second effort on MySpace Records, Sherwood cements themselves as pop stalwarts. More than a sign of maturity, this catchy effort shows a sense of timelessness and craftsmanship that helps it transcend any future flavor of the month labels.
With Nate Henry’s earnest and believable delivery mixed with the songwriting skill of Dan Koch (whom I believe is somehow related to Brian Wilson, perhaps in another life), David Provenzano, Mike Leibovich and Joe Greenetz, Sherwood delivers their best record to date. Many songs sound like vintage Sherwood, while others aim towards various styles that help stretch and round out their already celebrated sound. The songs ‘Maybe This Time,’ ‘You Are’ and ‘Around You’ stand out in this latest effort. With lyrics that cover love, heartache and divorce, Sherwood conveys a new found maturity that is several steps in the right direction. 2009 brought Sherwood many opportunities to tour with a number of well-known acts including Hanson, Better than Ezra, HelloGoodbye and Copeland. Hopefully with this, you can begin to enjoy what many, like myself, have enjoyed for several years. Do yourself a favor and pick up Q U, you won’t regret the toe-tapping that will ensue.