The Jock

by Tom Weppel
The Jaguars are now 3-3, following their win over the Rams last week. I mention this, since many of you didn’t go to the game, and it wasn’t on TV, with the stadium only half-full.
It’s a damn shame, really.
Jacksonville now has the week off to reassemble and prepare for the rest of the season. The positive aspect to this team is that they have a very open opportunity to win games and compete for a playoff spot. If you were to simply look at their schedule for the month of November, they could establish themselves. With the Titans, Chiefs, Jets, Bills, and Niners, they could win four out of those five games, going to 7-4, and look very good for a playoff slot.
You might think I’m nuts saying that. But consider this…two weeks ago, the Jets and Ravens were both 3-1. Many NFL-types were already penciling them in as wild card keepers. Now, they are both 3-3 having lost their last two games, and fans are strongly questioning them.
So, to realize the Jags, Jets, Ravens, and Texans are all 3-3 is almost crazy! They are certainly not all thought of as being equal, by any means!
Now, that’s the positive perspective! The negative aspect to this team is that we STILL have absolutely no idea what they are all about. We don’t know what to expect on any given Sunday. In one game, they can kick ass, running and passing at will, and scoring points. The next game, they can simply shut down, showing ineffectiveness, while the defense essentially escorts teams down the field.
In addition to that, you have a head coach who in all honesty is not doing a very good job promoting his team to the local fans! If he were, I would guaran-damn-tee you more Northeast Florida butts would be in Stadium seats for Jaguar games! I’m guessing the owner would be slightly happier, as well.
And so, the Jaguars will kick back for the bye week, then get back to work next week, when they head to Nashville to face the Titans.

The Gators go to Mississippi State. Seems to me like they shouldn’t have too much of a problem there. In fact, most Gator fans are looking at this game as a scrimmage, for all intents, as excitement is building here in town for the game NEXT weekend, when UF will face the ‘other’ Bulldogs in the SEC…those guys from Georgia.
Meanwhile, the Tebow Watch continues! It is on full throttle now, as Tim continues his comeback fro ‘The Incident’, i.e. the concussion. He gutted it out last weekend, becoming the man, as he is continuously thought of, not only here in Jacksonville, and in Gainesville, but in other pockets of the college football world, as well.
In fact, I’ll make this statement… its fair to say Tim Tebow is the most popular football player in Jacksonville right now! That’s amazing, really, if you think about it. To me, at least, its total overkill. You go back to a few weeks ago, when Wayne Weaver said he would consider drafting Tebow, and the discussion has not stopped since. If that would be the case, then it might even go a step further…
Welcome to sold-out Tebow Stadium! Where today, the Jacksonville Tebows, will host the Tennessee Titans, in a Division match up that has certain playoff implications!
As the Tebows take the field, we will be looking for ‘our man’, Tim Tebow, to come out and have a strong game for the team! I’m sure we’ll see him rushing with effectiveness, like all Gator fans are familiar with from his college days.
A win will certainly put the Tebows in a solid position, as owner Wayne Weaver has been looking forward to! Ever since the Jaguars drafted Tebow, then signed him, with the team name-change being involved, this has been the anticipated result!

I’m not joking.
Anyway, we’ll how the Gators fare in Mississippi, as they gear up for Georgia…