by Ora “Tre” Brasel
I made my way out to see Evergreen Terrace for my first time since seeing them play one of their first shows in Middleburg back in 2000.
Before Evergreen Terrace performed, THE CHARIOT took the stage. These guys are a Christian metal band out of Georgia, and pack one hell of a holy punch. At their set’s end one of their members climbed his amp as if it were a stairway into heaven, and climbed his way into the balcony portion of the club. I can honestly say I would love to check these guys out again.
I had come here this evening to see EVERGREEN TERRACE and witness for myself how much they had evolved since their very earliest shows. Evolve is exactly what they have done, and to such great lengths that it was hard for me to even recognize them from the rough around the edges youngsters I had witnessed over 9 years ago in Middleburg. I know they have been recognized as being quite a talented and acclaimed band out of North Florida for more than a few years now, but I had not gotten the opportunity to see this for myself until this night. It was evident that they were immensely proud of their Jacksonville roots as well, because they noted on more than one occasion how grateful and happy they were to be back home. They brought up how dedicated and faithful their hometown crowd was, saying that they by far were the best crowd they had played to on their whole tour. The crowd in my opinion was quite a rowdy one with people climbing on top of one another on several occasions to exchange lyrics with lead singer Andrew Carey. The time actually passed so quickly once these guys took to the stage that I barely realized that it was already almost time for the show to be over, and to close things out the guys ended things off on their version of U2’s ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ to which the audience once again wailed out in unison with them on this very adequate sing-a-long. I am going to make sure not to sleep on seeing these guys when they come through town from now on if I can help it, because this is just too great of a band not to see when and if you have the opportunity.