Comedy, drama and musicals are what theatre-goers have to look forward to this season. If you’re looking for something fresh, you can always look for world premiers and local playwrights. With plenty of venues to choose from, there’s bound to be a theater near you!

Comics & More
Comics, one man shows and personalities grace the stage on the First Coast and beyond.

Jazz, Big Band & the Blues
Jazz it up all over Jacksonville and beyond. This section gives you the heads up on jazz, big band sound and gospel soul.

Years of practice are certainly evident with the artistry of dance. It’s a delicate balance of elegant, fluid forms and music.

The best way perpetuate culture is to expose it to our children. The joy of
experiencing a performance by real people never ceases to enthrall kids.
Many of our local theatres develop special programs designed to share
their craft with younger audiences.

Music Revues & Tributes
Celebrating a band, a genre or a certain artist, musical revue shows and tributes tend to make us nostalgic. Some of these tribute bands are as close as you’re going to get to the real thing!

Classical, Chamber Music & More
Classical music, an intimate chamber music experience or world music.

Operas are basically musicals on steroids, sung in another language.Everything (or most everything) is sung rather than spoken. That’s bizarre, but there’s reason behind it. Song can express what mere words cannot.

Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra offers a myriad entertainment options. And while they certainly live up to their reputation as one of the finest purveyors of classical music with plenty of Beethoven to spare, they also cover plenty of other musical bases. They pay tribute to the music of Ray Charles, Eric Clapton and even the music of Woodstock. For kids, they have shows to help introduce the Symphony sound. Dr. Seuss and the Spooktacular are two shows that spring to mind. In short, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra offers up something for almost every musical taste.

This section list all categories of performing arts in chronological order.