Josh Jubinsky of Vicious Fishes

by Jack Diablo
Vicious Fishes, formerly known as Environmental Youth Crunch, are old salts when it comes to the Florida punk scene and have played every FEST since it began eight years ago. Representing Duval in the band is Josh Jubinsky on drums, who took some time to discuss FEST’s past and offer some vital tips on surviving the weekend.
EU: You guys have been to every FEST since it started. How have you seen it change over the years?
JJ: Have we? That’s crazy. I think we’ve been at and played nearly as many Best Friend’s days too. I think the Fest has gotten tremendously larger, right? More venues and bands etc, etc. It’s a bit overwhelming for me. Lots of lines and people. The part of it I enjoy the most are the unofficial shows. Last year seeing Pink Razors, Brainworms and Cult Ritual at like 10 or 11 am. That was fun and I enjoyed the scale of it.
EU: As a smaller/local band, how important was the exposure you received there to the band’s success?
JJ: Well I’m one of three people in the band – but my take on this is that it’s not that important. I guess more people hear about us more and that’s nice. But I definitely do the whole music thing more for myself. That’s not the most business savvy approach when you’ve the guy releasing most the bands material, but f*** if I care. I mean, part of us changing the name was because we didn’t want to play older songs. Who are you in a band for – yknow? That being said, playing the Fest is fun.
EU: Do you have any tips for someone such as myself who’s never been to FEST before?
JJ: From what I hear, buying your tickets early is a good start. Some people like to know where they will sleep, some don’t. Plan that accordingly. If you’re a big drinker, try to eat some too. Venues reach capacity early on sometimes, so get in one place and stay there if you want to see that band everyone else likes too. Bringing your bike could be helpful.
Keep an eye on the official FEST website,, for time and venue information to catch Vicious Fishes this year.