Jug-Or-Not Reunion Show

Every once in awhile you come across a musical experience that revitalizes your youthfulness. This was a musical happening that hopefully will end up being one that fully relights the fire of the Orange Park local band scene! For far too long things have been dormant and stale and this show at the fabled Orange Park Lions Club brought the rock spirit back to life. If this was only one night of bliss then so be it, but after what I witnessed it would be hard for anyone who holds memories of the past like I do let it fade from our eyes again.
After allowing the venue to gather a healthy audience of supporters inside and out it was finally time for the first band, Aglacea to hit the stage, and hit it they did. The intense fury from the very start of things might have been a bit startling to a few, bordering somewhere between metal and screamo music and a mix of vocals that were both sung and screamed. Even though these guys were the youngest band on the bill their experience and skill came through to make a spectacular sight.
Following a short recess for the stage to be reconfigured it was just about time for The Darling Cavaliers to appear. A total change in pace was about to occur at this point, because the change in musical styles was quite a drastic one of metal like rhythms into the world of pedal steel guitars and an alternative/country landscape. It was very nice to see such variety being presented. I think it is a great way to expose others to new styles of music they might not come across on their own. The musical abilities of this band were extremely strong and the pedal steel especially impressed me. There were a few moments in which the two girls singing lead grew a bit out of tune, but other than that the performance was a strong one. Given the fact their music was placed amongst such different acts they still held up remarkably well, and held their own.
When Fit For Rivals took to the stage it was a touch bittersweet for me, and even more so for them, because this was the final performance with drummer, Ben Nelson. The raw talent of this band is surely going to reach higher and higher into the musical stratosphere, and even despite the loss of their drummer I am sure they will return soon with every bit of the intensity they have now, if not more so.
Now the moment was finally upon us and people were jammed inside the Lions Club. There was almost no room to stand in front of the stage and the moment the band started, a hysteria from everyone broke out that allowed me to snap only about ten pictures before having to pack up my camera to protect it from complete destruction. The energy that Jug-or-Not provoked in the crowd was truly unlike any I have ever witnessed. People jumping, moshing, hugging, and just being filled with happiness overall is what I saw happening. Though the moshing got a bit rough at times it was controlled enough that no one was being hurt and anyone falling was helped to their feet generally before they ever touched the ground.
It was clear to me that this reunion was something that truly needed to happen. It was a sight to behold seeing everyone come together for such a wonderful experience . This show proved that people are willing and wanting to have regular live music in OP. Hopefully there will be more events like this show that will illuminate a bright path for the local band scene in the area. JUG-OR-NOT may just be the ones that lead the music lovers in Orange Park back to the promise land!