September Movies


In the first year of the German occupation of France, lieutenant Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) organizes a group of Jewish American soldiers to perform swift, shocking acts of retribution. The group is later known to their enemy as “the basterds.” Also starring: Eli Roth, Mike Myers, Michael Fassbenderr, Daniel Bruhl, Til Schweiger, Melanie Laurent, B.J. Novak and Samm Levine. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, this one is award-caliber drama with an incredible cast. Rated R.

On what should have been a fun-filled day at the stockcar races, Nick O’Bannon has a horrific premonition in which a bizarre sequence of events causes multiple racecars to crash, sending flaming debris into the stands, brutally killing his friends and causing the upper deck of the stands to collapse on him. When he comes out of this grisly nightmare Nick panics, persuading his girlfriend, Lori, and their friends, Janet and Hunt, to leave, escaping seconds before Nick’s frightening vision becomes a terrible reality. Thinking they’ve cheated death, the group has a new lease on life, but unfortunately for Nick and Lori, it is only the beginning. Starring: Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, Krista Allen, Mykelti Williamson, Haley Webb, Nick Zano, Andrew Fiscella and Richard T. Jones. Rated R.


After a lovely blind date, crossword puzzle-writer Mary Horowitz falls head over heels in love with Steve, a news cameraman. Mary is convinced that she and Steve are true soul mates, and follows Steve around the country in a bid to win his love. Along the way, she befriends an assortment of misfits who accept her for who she is, leading her to reassess her reasons for this strange journey. Starring: Sandra Bullock, Thomas Haden Church, Bradley Cooper, Katy Mixon, Sara Sanderson. Rated PG-13.

Four friends try to escape a viral pandemic in the American West. They ultimately discover that they are more dangerous to each other. Starring: Chris Pine, Lou Taylor Pucci, Piper Perabo, Emily VanCamp, Christopher Meloni. Rated PG-13.

Set in the near future humans control other humans in a mass-scale, multiplayer online game. The modern day gladiator must survive long enough to escape the game to free his family, regain his identity and to save mankind from Castle’s ruthless technology. Starring: Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, Amber Valletta, Alison Lohman, Logan Lerman. Rated R.


The world’s machines have turned on mankind and sparked social unrest, decimating the human population before being largely shut down. But as our world fell to pieces, a mission began to salvage the legacy of civilization; a group of small creations was given the spark of life by a scientist in the final days of humanity, and they continue to exist post-apocalypse to outwit and fight against still-functioning machines. Starring: Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover, Martin Landau, John C. Reilly. Rated PG-13.

When five sorority girls inadvertently cause the murder of one of their sisters in a prank gone wrong, they agree to keep the matter to themselves and never speak of it again, so they can get on with their lives. This proves easier said than done, when after graduation a mysterious killer goes after the five of them and anyone who knows their secret. Starring: Leah Pipes, Rumer Willis, Jamie Chung, Carrie Fisher, Julian Morris. Rated R.

When Madea catches sixteen-year-old Jennifer and her two younger brothers looting her home, she decides to take matters into her own hands and delivers the young delinquents to the only relative they have: their aunt April. A heavy-drinking nightclub singer who wants nothing to do with the kids. But April soon realizes she must make the biggest choice of her life: between her old ways and the new family, faith… and even true love. Starring: Tyler Perry, Taraji P. Henson, Adam Rodriguez, Brian J. White, Hope Olaide Wilson Rated PG13 www.

Carrie Stetko, the lone U.S. Marshal assigned to Antarctica, is investigating the continent’s first murder, which draws her into a shocking mystery. Now, with only three days until winter, Carrie must solve the crime before Antarctica is plunged into darkness and she is stranded with the killer. Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Columbus Short, Gabriel Macht, Tom Skerritt, Alex O’Loughlin. Rated R.


Dr. Burke Ryan (Eckhart) is a self-help author and therapist who asks his patients to openly confront their pain but is secretly unable to take his own advice. When Eloise Chandler (Aniston) meets Burke at the hotel where he’s speaking, there is an instant attraction. As each struggles with the hurt of love and loss, they realize that in order to move forward, they need to let go of the past. Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston, Dan Fogler, Judy Greer, Martin Sheen. Rated PG-13.

Inspired by the beloved children’s book, this animated film focuses on a town where food falls from the sky like rain. Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader), a young inventor, dreams of creating something that will improve everyone’s life. Sam Sparks (Anna Ferris), a weathergirl covering the phenomenon who hides her intelligence behind a perky exterior. Rated PG.

When small-town high school hottie Jennifer (Megan Fox) is possessed by a hungry demon, guys who never stood a chance with her, take on new luster in the light of Jennifer’s insatiable appetite. Starring: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons, Adam Brody, J. K. Simmons. Rated R.


Fame follows a talented group of dancers, singers, actors and artists over four years at the New York City High School of Performing Arts, a diverse, creative powerhouse where students from all walks of life are given a chance to live out their dreams and achieve real and lasting fame…the kind that comes only from talent, dedication, and hard work. Starring: Kherington Payne, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Paul McGill, Asher Book, Kristy Flores. Rated PG.

The film is set on an alternate Earth, where no one has ever lied, and stars Ricky Gervais as a performer, who tells the world’s first lie, coming to wield its power for personal gain. Gervais describes his character as someone who “works in the film industry, where actors are really readers who tell completely factual stories…he’s lumbering through the 1300s. All he’s got to work with is the Black Death. But once he lies and pretends he’s found lost stories, he becomes the greatest storyteller in the world.” Starring: Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Rob Lowe, Jonah Hill, Louis C.K. Rated PG-13.

People are living their lives remotely from the safety of their own homes via robotic surrogates — sexy, physically perfect mechanical representations of themselves. It’s an ideal world where crime, pain, fear and consequences don’t exist. FBI agent Greer discovers a vast conspiracy behind the surrogates and risks his life to unravel the mystery. Starring: Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike, Boris Kodjoe, James Francis Ginty. Rated PG-13.