the spotlight

MaryBeth Antoinette, Cheriloyn Walker, Toni Philips, Jason Collins, Josh Taylor

by Ora “Tre” Brasel
This month the EU spotlight burns brightly down on the talented local band Marion Crane. We got the great opportunity to catch up with them and discuss all the exciting things that they have in the works, from collaborating with Grammy award-winning producers to possibly going on tour with major acts.
For a band that hasn’t even been together a full year it is extremely hard to believe just how perfectly they have put everything together so quickly. Marion Crane consists of four members and one of the most dedicated managers you will find with any band out there today. While their combined efforts and musical abilities have forged a musical style difficult to pigeonhole in a specific genre, the core of the music is some serious hard rock that will rattle your senses. Thomas Hill (vocals, guitar) created the first breath of life for the band when he made four songs in early ’08 that gained quick attention through internet radio and a release on iTunes. Near the end of that same year Hill enlisted the services of Jasper Judge for lead guitar, and shortly there after they brought aboard Adam Tillis on drums. All three went to work immediately, and the result was the recently released Amphetamine E.P. Then, this July, Henry McMillan came into the fold to play bass after first helping with photo work for the band. “We have been very fortunate with finding members,” says Hill about the fact that none of the members knew one another prior to working together. Each member was found on the first audition. Now with a solid four musicians in place they are about to begin their latest assault on the musical world.
Next up for the band is a trip to Royal Studios to work with lifetime achievement Grammy winner Willie Mitchell. Mitchell has produced over 400 artists in his career, and was determined to get the band into the studio to produce after he heard what they bring to the table. Their plans are to hit the studio around November or December, and hopefully have the album completed in time for an early 2010 release. Also in the works is a possible tour on which they will be opening for a major act, which still hasn’t been confirmed, and manager Charlie Lightcap couldn’t divulge who it might be at the time of our sit down together. Though later on he did note the fact that “it looks pretty promising that it will happen.”
If you haven’t heard Marion Crane yet, then rest assured it will not be too long before you do. With all of the things they are at work on currently, and the fact that they already have enough songs created for another album or two after this one, there’s a good chance they’ll be on everyone’s radar very soon.