The Bangles

In the 80s, the Bangles proved that an all-girl band could keep up with the boys and create chart-topping singles that continue to live on today. The iconic trio came onto the scene in 1981 and their debut full-length All Over the Place, while not a commercial success, garnered rave reviews and brought them to the attention of Prince, who in turn launched them into the stratosphere by penning their first hit song, ‘Manic Monday.’ Soon after, the Bangles’ number one songs began piling up with ‘Walk like an Egyptian,’ ‘Hazy Shade of Winter’ and ‘Eternal Flame.’
After a number of years as reigning queens of the pop rock scene, the trio split in 1989 and went on the have solo careers with moderate success. A decade later they reformed, much to the delight of fans who thrilled at seeing the Bangles take to the stage and play their catchy tunes once more.
When the Bangles come to the Florida Theatre on September 25th, expect to hear all of the classics, but also a lot of their newer stuff. Though the group does just fine as a throw-back, they’re unwilling to let their talent fall to the wayside. The band came out with a record, Doll Revolution, in 2003 and began working on a new album earlier this year. Either way, know that when they do come on stage, expect a night of fun tunes that you won’t soon forget. Tickets range in price from $30 to $35. For more information, visit or call 355-5661.