by brenton crozier
It’s EU’s annual dining issue and what is Netscapades to do? I suppose the only appropriate course of action is to be contrary and furnish you with websites that encourage you to forgo eating out and keep it home. While there are a multitude of fantastic restaurants throughout Jacksonville, what is possibly more satisfying than sitting down to enjoy the fruits of your own labor? OK, the “your own effort” approach is probably not the clincher, but dining in can be cheaper, make for fantastic family time or be a great way to knock the socks off your date (take that however you want to, I won’t judge you).
From a number of celebrated epicurean favorites to those Krystal burgers that normally make for a tasty resort only after a long night of drinking and other hunger-inducing activities, you can now feel empowered to do it yourself! In fact, you could just get drunk at home, make your own Krystal burgers and not have to worry about hurting anyone or the man bringing you down. Go ahead, taunt the neighbors you don’t like with your homemade Krystal sack. They make snide comments about your lawn anyway, so don’t feel bad.
Anyhow, I digress. My intention was certainly not to make Krystal burgers such a central focus of my column, but what is more spellbinding than the allure of miniature cubed meat and bread? Yep, that’s what I thought, you can’t think of anything.
Do you have an undying craving for Dave and Buster’s Cheeseburger Pizza, but don’t want to have to fork over the flow for your kids to dive into video game hysteria? Perhaps you can’t fathom dinner tonight without Popeye’s Cajun Gravy. Who can? But life is hectic my friends, and sometimes you don’t have the time or the funds to hit Dave and Buster’s or drive through Popeyes. You will be so relieved to know that All-Restaurant Recipes has made it so you no longer have to do these things. That’s right, they have the recipes that make the whole world sing. Enjoy.
Think of All Restaurant Recipes, but better. That’s right, more of the same. But Red Rock Sunrise is more user-friendly and actually includes instructions with their recipes. While they don’t have the volume found on the aforementioned site, they have the goods on your favorite PF Chang’s, Macaroni Grill and even Starbucks recipes. You may no longer have a reason to leave home.
This site is genius in its pragmatism. The scenario; you’re ready to cook, but are not quite sure what to whip up, and for that matter, what ingredients you have to make your culinary masterpiece with. Cooking by Numbers gives you a comprehensive list of ingredients, and you check off whatever you have in your refrigerator and cupboard. Once you are finished, click Find Recipes, and woo-lah! This site will tell you what you have the ingredients to make or tell you if you are at least close.
Taste Spotting presents a bevy of gourmet delights in a manner that will make you want to gnaw on your screen. Be warned, some of these mouthwatering dishes simply click through to an article and not the recipe, so don’t get bent out of shape about it. This is not the case for all of them, just try your luck and enjoy. It’s not all stuffy, there is an edifying discussion about Tim Horton’s vs. Dunkin’ Donuts . . . U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!!
Now I am being contrary to my own article! But really, what are you going to do about it? I listed this site simply to ask, why doesn’t Jacksonville have a site like this? I know we have restaurant guides and listings, but where is our Atlanta Cuisine? This site interestingly and smartly discusses all things food and area restaurants. C’mon Jacksonville, get you some!