new web resource for jax eats

It’s Friday night and you’re trying to think of where to grab a bite to eat with a hot date. You remember reading (in EU Jacksonville, of course) about the great food at the restaurant down the street but you want to know more. Well, Tami Ricketts is the woman to ask. Her site, , is potentially a terrific new resource designed to give you an inside look at area restaurants through her online video ads.
Seeing is believing, so her site is geared toward seeing what a restaurant has to offer, rather than just reading about it. She interviews chefs in their natural environment and shows videos of friendly employees.
The types of commercials Tami makes aren’t quite the same kind you see while watching a TV show on Hulu- you won’t find adorable child actors trying to sell you jam or snack cakes on her site. Tami’s ads are more like a video tour of a restaurant or business you’re curious about. You choose what videos you watch and the information you receive will help you make an informed decision about how and where you’ll spend your money.
“ was developed to provide a one-stop-location to find every type of culinary choice that Jacksonville has to offer,” Ricketts says. “An individual will simply log onto the site select their culinary category, pick their choice of restaurant and virtually have the ability to step inside the restaurant before ever leaving home… The sites that I have developed will satisfy every type of business from A-Z.”
She’s also developed two more sites with the same concept: and