Interview with Ryan Morgan of "Slightly Stoopid"

by Tre Ora Brasel
After exposing the west coast to the happening that is the ‘BLAZED & CONFUSED TOUR’, the focus now shifts onto the east coast for a series of dates. EU was fortunate enough to catch up and speak with Ryan “RYMO” Moran of SLIGHTLY STOOPID who shares the bill with Stephen Marlely, and Micky Avalon this Sunday, August 2nd at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre.

EU: How has the tour been going through the first leg?
RM: It has been going really great!

EU: Have the audience turnouts been good for you all at most or all of the stops?
RM: Yeah, really good, we had about 10,000 people show up at the last show. We have had 16 to 17,000 at the bigger shows, and probably 8,000 is the smallest we have had so far.

EU: Has there been a devoted fan base in each city?
RM: Well we have people that follow us around from all over, we call them STOOPID HEADS, and they go with us all over the place generally.

EU: Are you looking forward to playing in North Florida, again?
RM: Absolutely, a lot of the band members myself included have family in FL, so it is kind of like a second home to us.

EU: Have the audiences here been good to you in the past?
RM: Yeah, with all the family and friends we have in the state we seem to get a good response throughout the state generally.

EU: Is there any place or venues that you all really look forward to playing on the tour, or ones that feel like a second home? Well FL, obviously as you just mentioned, but anywhere else?
RM: Pretty much all of California- San Diego, of course. The upper northwest like Portland, and Seattle has been great places to play. We have a lot of dedicated fans all over, so there really aren’t a lot of places that we don’t enjoy.

EU: Have you all been working on any new music while touring by any chance?
RM: No not really so much. With the sets in the show being so much shorter because it is a festival, we just generally spend a lot of time hanging out, meeting new people, and watching the other performers.

EU: Do you all have a particular song in your set that generally gets people hyped up?
RM: Well there are a lot of them that do, but basically any of the songs that have been on the radio get everyone up. 2am is a really big one that gets a big response, and we have been doing a UB40 cover lately that people really seem to love a lot.

EU: Is there any show on the tour so far that has really stood out as a highlight, if so where?
RM: San Diego was really good, the venue was pretty much filled up and we had lots of friends and family there with us. Snoop also came out and joined us on stage for a song, so that was certainly a high point for us to get to do that. Although really a lot of the western region shows have been very fun for us.

EU: What are the biggest musical influences of the band?
RM: We all listen to pretty much everything. Obviously reggae music is a big one, but we really listen to it all- punk, classical, world beat, blues, jazz, rock, etc.. We try to cover all the bases, and appreciate it all.

EU: What music have you been listening to yourself of late?
RM: I have been listening to Chilli Peppers, Radiohead, Dead, Black Uhuru, and lots of other stuff.

EU: How is the chemistry between all of the bands on the tour been so far? What is the story behind the band’s name SLIGHTLY STOOPID, and how did it come to be?
RM: (Laughs) well basically picture 3 or 4 friends in a room, its smoky, and everyone is trying to come up with a cool name for a band. Names are being thrown around by everyone in the room like slightly silly, slightly serious, and then someone says, SLIGHTLY STOOPID. Then everyone laughs, and agrees that is it!

EU: What brought you guys together as a band?
RM: Well there have been some personnel changes since the original line-up, but Kyle and Miles have been friends since they were little kids. I came into the band about 6 or 7 years back, and the horns were added about 3 years ago. We all met one another while touring with other bands, but we all lived in San Diego.

EU: What happened with Snoop, he was on the first part of the tour, but he isn’t playing the FL shows?
RM: Well he is still on the tour, but he just can’t play some of the dates in FL, something about he isn’t allowed at a certain venue for some reason. Ummm, you can say whatever you need to say about that, I guess, but he is still on the tour. He will be playing most of the other dates just not the ones there.