by Rick Grant
Grade: B+ / Rated PG / 89 min
The wrascally rodents of G-Force are a mighty special force in saving the world from Saber (Bill Nighy)-a fiendish CEO who has implanted chips in all his appliances to supposedly communicate with each other. However, the team has uncovered a plot to take over the world. These talking guinea pigs have been turned into special agents by a mad scientist. Yes, and who can resist these fur balls with spy skills? No one!
The G-Team includes Darwin, (Sam Rockwell) the squad leader; Blaster (Tracy Morgan) a cool urban dude with great knowledge of weapons; Juarez, a femme fatale piggy with attitude; and Mooch a fly with reconnaissance gear attached to its body. And the team computer geek is a blind mole Speckles (Nicolas Cage). He is a mole who turns out to be a mole! (See the movie and you will understand.)
Of course, viewers will love these furry talking guineas as they prep for their mission. Suddenly, the FBI pulls their funding and the special piggy agents go rogue to fulfill their mission. The guineas escape in a special three-globe vehicle that separates into three separate spheres-impossible for the FBI in their clunky SUVs to follow.
Explosions and battle scenes dominate the picture as the rodents scamper into Saber’s headquarters where the team finds the advanced chips in a coffee machine. Ah, but it’s worse than they thought when the machines morph into something very scary.
As the caper goes South, the guinea special agents end up in a pet shop. A family adopts Juarez and their little girl dressed the guinea in a succession of ridiculous outfits, humiliating Juarez who is one tough piggy chick. Meanwhile, the team is separated by other circumstances to their plan.
It’s a mad, mad, mad world of sinister chip enhanced appliances that could mean the destruction of the world. G-Force to the rescue, as one by one they escape their respective captors.
The movie is a bit advanced in story-telling and dialogue for small children, but parents and their 10 to 15 year olds will love this scenario. Disney makes sure the sound and other dynamics of the filmmaking process are perfect. Even with my defective hearing, I could hear every word of dialogue. Tracy Morgan has the best lines of the G-team rodent brigade.
Trust Disney to hire the best actors for voice-overs and real live shots. Their production values are impeccable. Directed by Hoyt Yeatman, who also had a hand in writing the screenplay, along with The Wibberleys, and a gaggle of other writers.
The idea of talking cuddly creatures has always paid off for Disney and this movie is no exception. The film is funny and just plain fun watching these fur balls fight the forces of evil. After this film is released there will be a run on guinea pigs from the pet stores. They are adorable.
As producer, Jerry Bruckheimer made sure there was plenty of action and pyrotechnics. The 3-D effects are cool and happen during the entire running time of the movie. The new hard shell 3-D glasses are a big improvement to the old paper ones.
This movie is for everyone of any age group. It’s great summer escapist fun.